Do you know these feng shui customs of moving house in Singapore?

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Do you know these feng shui customs of moving house in Singapore?

Relocation has been a major event in life since ancient times, from domestic to foreign. There are many feng shui customs of relocation all over our country. The accumulation of these feudal cultures is generally beneficial to feng shui. Of course, some people think that this is superstition and meaningless. Everyone has their own aspirations. We do not force it, but China has had one since ancient times The culture of seeking blessings, everything is auspicious, and unbelievers can do whatever they want, but you also need to know these cultures, and don’t make friends taboo because of being brave.

When moving, bring a rice vat or rice bucket full of rice, and put a red paper with “Chang full” written in the bucket, or an envelope with 168 yuan, whichever means “all the way” .

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When you move to buy a new pillow, Feng Shui believes that relocation is a transfer of people’s aura. Therefore, it is necessary to enable new pillows to enter the house according to the number of family members, and arrange them according to individual beds. Chinese in Hong Kong, Singapore and other places also put an envelope in the pillow with 138 yuan in it, with the meaning of “lifetime hair”, to hope for auspiciousness.

Don’t be angry on the day of house moving, you must say auspicious words, do auspicious things, don’t quarrel with others, especially scold children

It is not easy to move during pregnancy, and the arrival of a new life will bring infinite fun to the family. Therefore, from the day of pregnancy, the expectant mother has become a national treasure, and everything in the family is focused on the expectant mother. During this period, maintaining the stability of the aura is the most important. In other words, during pregnancy, it is best not to relocate, decorate, break ground, change rooms or move beds easily. Because the fetus is accustomed to being conceived and grown in a certain environment, if the environment changes, the original magnetic field and sound field will change. Changes that a normal person may perceive a little or not at all may be dangerous to the fetus. Even if there are sundries under the bed and the bed needs to be moved, it is best to choose an auspicious day, or when the pregnant woman is out, so as not to affect the growth of the fetus.

To exorcise evil spirits when entering a new home, take 21 sticks of incense and light it when you move in, enter from the left side of the house, let the smoke sweep up and down the living room, toilet, bathroom, kitchen stove, ceiling, walls and to the foot of the wall, exit from the right side of the house, to the outside for safety place, put it out and discard it. It is especially important for houses built on feng shui-like foundations to get rid of evil spirits. On the first day or within the first week after moving, it is necessary to invite relatives, friends, and neighbors to the house to have a good time: chatting, eating or entertainment. Burning the bottom of the pot”

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On the day of check-in, be sure to boil a pot of boiling water, which means the money is rolling in. At the same time plug all kinds of basins (kitchen, bathroom, etc.), turn on the faucet, and let the water flow slowly; because the water is long, it means the dish is full. You can also turn on the fan in the house to blow the wind around, but don’t blow it towards the door, it has the meaning of wind and water.

The new house will bring fortune. A few days before moving into the newly bought house, the lights in the house should be lit, and when sleeping, the lights in the entrance should be kept on for at least a week; every New Year’s Eve to the fifth day of the new year , and also turn on all the lights, so that the god of wealth can be brought into the house.

There are also many customs, such as choosing auspicious days, worshiping the God of Wealth, worshiping ancestors, etc. Due to the difference of space and regional customs, I will not describe them one by one here. The above customs and habits belong to the most basic ones. Doing it differently.

Due to the different customs in different regions, friends who read this article can tell everyone about your local customs in the comments. If you don’t agree with the above, don’t laugh when you go to the housewarming, try to say some auspicious words, don’t Offending others, praying wholeheartedly, begging for the good of others is also begging for your own good, let it be.


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