Bizarre House Moving cultures around the world

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Bizarre House Moving cultures around the world

  Moving is a life activity that takes place all over the world, and moving means the beginning of a new life. People all over the world have strange house moving habits and processes. Moving abroad with different styles from China can also show the cultural differences and customs of different countries. Keep reading and you’ll be absolutely eye-opening.

Moving in Singapore – Pineapple Finds a New Home

Flag of Singapore
    The custom of moving to a new home in Singapore is very interesting: first, go to the supermarket to pick up a large and beautiful pineapple, and then prepare about half a kilogram of rice, and put it in a plastic bag with you. When you arrive at your new home, knock on the door, wait a few minutes, and then open the door with the key. It is said that the purpose of knocking on the door is to tell the brothers and sisters passing by that from now on, the house has a new owner. After opening the door, don’t rush in, don’t face the door, turn your body on your side, and roll the pineapple into the living room from the open door. When the pineapple rolls all the way in, the owner whispers various auspicious words outside the house and waits for the pineapple. Stop and take a good look at where it is parked, that’s where the house is.
Sinapore Movers
Sinapore Movers

South Korea moving – lift moving

South Korea
    Moving companies in Korea are known for their meticulous and thoughtful service. On the large moving car, there are neat luggage boxes and various tools, and there are special staff to pack, pack, and stick damage prevention strips on the furniture in an orderly manner for you. When they move into their new home, they restore all the furniture and even small decorations to the way they were before they moved out, and do a good job of cleaning. The large elevator that transports furniture upstairs has surprised many foreigners who saw this scene for the first time, worrying that the luggage and furniture above will fall off.
    Koreans also have a custom of moving house, that is to order the dark jajang noodles delivered by takeout. After moving house, prepare rice cakes to give to neighbors, which means that I hope to take care of them in the future. After moving, they will still “warm home”, that is, after moving to a new home, they will invite their relatives and friends to eat, drink, and play games at home, and friends will send toilet paper and washing powder to congratulate them on their housewarming.

Moving in Japan – Garbage to be sorted

    Moving companies in Japan are as thoughtful and meticulous as those in Korea, but the difference is that Japanese people sort their garbage in advance before moving. The Japanese people’s awareness of environmental protection has really penetrated into every detail of life, and the big event of moving is naturally the first for environmental protection. Before moving, the Japanese will sort the items they want to throw away according to their purpose, and notify the relevant government department in advance to send someone to take them away. “Heavy and heavy furniture” such as sofas and other large furniture should be purchased from the government and posted on a garbage disposal ticket, which will be recycled by garbage collection agencies. When throwing newspapers and books, bundle them neatly; wrap the wires of waste electrical appliances and fix them on the electrical appliances; control the moisture content before putting them in the garbage bag; wrap the thorny or sharp items in paper and put them in In the garbage bag; used aerosol cans with pressure, etc., be sure to poke a hole to prevent explosion.
    As a country with the most moving etiquette, Japanese people can not less greetings and gifts to new neighbors. Generally, they will visit and greet new neighbors and present gifts on the first day of moving. Gifts should be 500~1000 yen. ; Express sincere thanks to the people at the moving company, or put about 1000~2000 yen in a small bag for each person.

Germany moving – moving time is exquisite

    Germans, known for their strictness, strictly control the time of moving. Neighbors get angry if they move on Sunday or after 8pm, so Germans usually avoid these times when it’s not an emergency. If there is really no way to avoid it, the only feasible way is to notify the neighbors in advance in order to obtain their understanding. It is especially important to note that moving people should not be allowed to quickly finish their work and leave, delicious food can boost the morale of the moving team, drinks, coffee, freshly baked cake and a pizza are always welcome “moving snacks” “.

U.S. moving – the most moving per capita

United States
    Someone has made an interesting statistic. Modern Americans generally have to move at least seven or eight times, and more than ten or twenty times. The average person moves 12 times, which is the highest in the world. From a historical and cultural point of view, the United States is a country of immigrants. Except for a few indigenous Indians who are natives, 99% of Americans are descendants of immigrants. In the United States, there have been great migrations to develop the west in history, and it is more common to move from one state to another. Affected by these, Americans have a weak sense of settlement, and their sense of residence is more like nomads who live by water and grass. They are always happy with changes and new experiences, and are rarely satisfied with the status quo. Therefore, the moving scenario of moving the house together in the United States will often appear. If you want to distinguish who is rich and who is poor, then look at their house structure. The houses of the rich are all cement brick and tile structures with basements. They are all wood construction. This kind of all-wood house is like a model that is put together, which is very easy to carry.

UK – Tenants must clean before moving

United Kingdom
    Living in the UK, rent is definitely a big black hole of living expenses, and you can’t spend a penny less when you move. For renters who want to move, it is very important to clean the old house that is returned, and the general rental contract will include a “professional cleaning at the end” clause. After all, professional cleaning will notice a lot of hygienic dead spots, and those can be deducted from the deposit, including: the sink must not have water stains, whether the detergent tank of the washing machine is clean enough, and even whether there is vacuuming under the bed…etc. If you want to save money and plan to clean by yourself, then you must be as careful as you do the Chinese New Year cleaning, otherwise, when you check out, if the landlord thinks that it is not clean enough, you will hire a cleaning company, and the bill will be charged to the tenant.

Moving in France – dealing with various agencies when moving

    Moving in France means dealing with a whole host of government departments and agencies related to life. The first is the electrical supplier. You need to bring your ID card, first terminate the contract with the electrical supplier of the previous house, and then re-sign the contract with the electrical supplier of the new house, detailing which floor and which house it is. Secondly, within one month of moving, go to the police station near the new home to replace the CARTE GRISE. In simple terms, the gray card is like a car’s ID card with all the information of the car written on it. In France, the driver’s license does not need to change the address, but the gray card must be. Again, notify the bank. If you choose to let the bank send you monthly bills, especially if you change your address, bring your proof of housing, etc. If the bill is not delivered, the bank will flag your address as a problem, possibly making cash deposits or other services unavailable. In addition, if you have pets and registered the pet’s identity information, you must go to the relevant agency to change the pet’s identity address after moving. Otherwise, once the pet is lost, it will be difficult to retrieve it.

African countries – moving efficiency is very casual

    Most people from African countries don’t talk about efficiency, let alone the concept of time. This is their habit and their culture. He knew that he was going to move, but all the owner’s things were cleaned up on the spot, and the moving scene was a mess. When people from other countries move, they will pack and classify everything in advance, which greatly saves the time of moving. But Africans follow their feelings, and their schedules on the moving day are not affected at all, and they are still leisurely and leisurely. When the helper arrived at the scene, all the furnishings in the home were the same, not only to help them move, but also to help with the clutter. Many people who helped, also brought their own vacuum cleaners and cleaning supplies. Africans are very casual, even if they are underpants and vests, they don’t mind others getting in the way. When we really started to move, everyone started chatting again. Look at me, I look at you, and no one took the initiative. After the move, everyone dispersed, there was no dinner, and there was not even a bottle of water on site.

Moving in India – Cow is the protagonist when moving

    The cow is regarded as a “sacred beast” by the Indians. Hindus worship the cow and believe that the cow is not only a symbol of breeding offspring, but also the basic guarantee for human survival, especially the cow as their holy spirit. Therefore, even in today’s highly developed science and technology, Indians still respect cows like gods. When moving into a new house, some Indians will strictly follow the traditions of the sect. In addition to inviting relatives and friends, they also lead the auspicious cow into the new house. During the ceremony, the cows and calves have to walk around all the corners of the room, and all the excrement and feces left by the cows and calves will be kept for three days during the ceremony, they think that all the good luck can stay Inside the new home.

Moving in China – Moving depends on “feng shui”

    China has a long history, and there are many particulars handed down. In many parts of southern China, the most important part of moving is to examine the feng shui issues of the new house and choose auspicious dates. There are two very important aspects in the process of choosing a date, one is whether the date is in conflict with the character of the person concerned, and the other is to avoid evils such as the five yellow, two black and so on. The editor listed a few Chinese people’s favorites and taboos in the process of moving, to see if it is the same as your hometown’s customs?
    Try to say auspicious words on the day of the move; on the day of the move, family members should not cry, cry, lose their tempers, beat or scold children, and avoid family disputes; don’t say hello to others when moving; Otherwise, it will be easy to get sick in the future; on the night of moving, before going to bed, you should lie down for about five minutes, then get up and work again, indicating “you have to get up again after you sleep” (usually, the same is true for children sleeping in a new bed, lie down first, and then When you get up, you can’t go to sleep directly, which means “lay down and get up again”), otherwise you will easily get sick in the future; on the day of moving, boil some boiled water in the new house and blow the electric fan in all directions in the house, in order to “rise from the wind and water”; Performing the Four Corners Worship Ceremony and the Occupation Ceremony in the new house before moving can increase wealth and safety.
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