Manpower Service

Manpower Dispatch

Manpower dispatch services are mainly: heavy goods handling, Box Packing Service and Furniture Assembly

Heavy Goods Handling

Heavy Goods Handling -suitable for handling requirements that do not require vehicles and only human assistance is required, such as: moving large objects up and down floors, moving homes in the same community, moving corporate offices in the same building, etc.
Last mile delivery Moving cargo up

Box Packing Service

Packing Service
Box Packing Service  -packing boxes, organizing storage, and positioning small objects will help you deal with tedious moving matters and save valuable time. If you have other relocation-related manpower dispatch needs, please contact Move Move Mover for a quotation!

Furniture Assembly

Furniture Assembly -If the custom-made system furniture and large furniture cannot be transported in the elevator room or carried by elevator, at this time, they need to be disassembled and reinstalled in the new residence. The cost is quoted according to the complexity of the disassembly and assembly.
Assembly service

Moving within Same Condo?

PROFESSIONAL MOVER service for customers moving within same condo, moving to nearby block without needs for transportation. Price based on labour hours, NO HIDDEN COST.

Container Stuffing & Unstuffing

We also provide trolleys/wrappings to facilitate in container stuffing and unstuffing.


We have a professional assembly team providing furniture assembly service, dismantle & wrapping for storage purpose, or any customized requests.
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