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Move Move has always believed that the Perfect Move originates with the Perfect Mover. As a key element of employee engagement that encourages overall quality of life, we seek to build a culture of growth and wellness in the workplace. We provide a wide range of resources to our movers, including training programs, massages, breakfast in the morning, and state-of-the-art facilities — and that’s our secretive formula for Perfect Movers, who provide the greatest moving services to our customers.

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Move Move Mover- Mover team

Sales Coordinator

$ 3200+ Monthly
  • Sales Experience
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good in customer relationship

Class 3 driver

$ 3200+ Monthly
  • 10ft lorry driver
  • Head of the team
  • English / Mandarin

Class 4 driver

$ 3800+ Monthly
  • 14ft lorry driver
  • Head of the team
  • English / Mandarin


$ 3200+ 月薪
  • 销售经验
  • 良好的社交技能
  • 处理客户关系


$ 3200+ 月薪
  • 十尺货车司机
  • 团队负责人
  • 英语/中文沟通


$ 3800+ 月薪
  • 十四尺货车司机
  • 团队负责人
  • 英语/中文沟通

Our way of life

Happy employees lead to happy consumers, according to one of our basic beliefs. We foster a diverse, innovative, and professional culture through extensive training and wellness programs. We take pride in providing our customers with the greatest moving experience possible.

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Move Move Facility

Our facility is spotless, modern, spacious and open to the public. Training rooms, locker rooms, and a lounge are all available at our Office location.

Join Our Mover Team

We have made it our objective over the years to only hire the best movers. Successful staff at Move Move are service-oriented and sincerely concerned about our consumers. We’re always on the lookout for fresh people to join our team and help us keep our reputation as Singapore’s best moving company. Move Move encourages employees to succeed by providing excellent perks and a welcoming environment, as well as consistently rewarding their hard work.

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