6 steps House Moving Organization!

20 4月 by Move Move Mover

6 steps House Moving Organization!

6 steps House Moving Organization!  

-Use these organizing tips to move quickly!

Organization for a house moving is really a headache, having to move

out from a place that had been living for a long time. Commonly used things have been placed in fixed positions, having no idea how long it has been since they have been opened and organized!  However, if you want to fast forward the organizing part, it is really a step! Follow the 6 steps listed below step by step, tidying up can be simple and not  complicated! Now let MOVE MOVE MOVERS lead you to the 6 steps organization!    

Residential Mover
Residential Mover


1.  Inspecting of your home items

After decided to move, before starting to organize the items in your current house, firstly calm down and look around. Every space, corner, and cabinet should be opened and take a look, remember the approximate location of everything. When you know how many things are there and where they are placed, you can organize them in a more orderly manner.

2.  How to organize the estimate?

While patrolling for the items in the house, slowly think about how to organize these items in your head, E.g. How many boxes should I use; How should I pack the stuffs in a safe and orderly manner. Also, estimate how long it will take to move and organize, or plan to organize one area a day, etc. But do remember to set aside rest time so as not to be too tired and cause interruption during the work. All things must be planned in advance then take action!

3.  Collect and organize packaging materials

After inspections and estimating, you should probably know how many packaging materials, tape, and bags are needed, then you can set out to find a suitable carton or storage box ! MOVE MOVE MOVERS provides free cartoon boxes as a Value Added Service to our customers who engage on our moving service. Also, most of the packaging materials are used for fragile items, you can wrap fragile items with clothes at home, which is economical and affordable!

4.  Discard unused items

What is the most troublesome step for house moving? It’s that I won’t have the chance to use the item but I can’t bear to lose it! As a result, there are a lot of sundries that should be discarded. For example, things that have not been using for 3 years aren’t thrown away! Thinking that “I will need it in the future”, “Keep it here first”, throw it away! Hesitating for more than 3 minutes? Throw it! If there are items that are still usable but you won’t get the chance to use it and you are reluctant to lose them, you can choose to donate to deal with them like giving them to friends and relatives etc. , so that the items can be used for their fullest effect. Maybe you can secretly invite relatives and friends to help you move!

If you have furnitures that are spoiled or you don’t want it anymore, and would like to throw it away, MOVE MOVE MOVERS also provides proper disposal clean service for our customers.

14ft lorry of Move Mover Mover
14ft lorry of Move Mover Mover

5.  Classification of household items

After clearing a large part of the items that should be thrown away, you can start sorting the items that should be packed for moving. The first thing to note is that those heavier items such as books, clothes etc. should not be packed into a cartoon box to prevent the heavy load. You can use plastic boxes; Toyogo boxes instead, if you put everything thing into one box, the combined weight will exceed your imagination, so remember to distribute the heavier items evenly when sorting the items at home. While sorting, you can also repeat the last step: discard what you don’t need to leave behind!

6.  Item order packing

The last step is packing. The sequential packing allows you to know where your things are placed at any time even after moving! Packing according to the original placement is a good way! For example, when organizing the study table, put the items in the desk drawer in to a box, and use a marker or a colored post-it note to indicate “study desk drawer (1, 2 layers)” when sealing the box. This will not only make it easier for you to find the items, but can also let the movers know where to place the cartoon box at a glance, reducing the risk of missing items! It is still necessary to pay attention to the weight distribution. Do not pack too many heavy objects in a box. The weight that ordinary people can carry shall prevail. The box should not be too full to avoid the deformation of the box.


  • Pay attention to the order of moving and packing, it is easy to proceed step by step

Make a “TO DO” list before the moving , and arrange the things to be done in order. The arrangement of the packing order should also be considered in advance. What kind of things will be packed first; whither it will affect my normal life before I move. If it affects your normal lifestyle and causes you pressure, you will feel tired during the moving process. If the packing/moving process is planned first, it will be easy and burden less to follow the plan!

Residential Movers
Residential Movers

Ø Time estimation is not stressful

  It is necessary to think about the order of moving and packing, and the time configuration must be complementary to it. If it is a family apartment size to move, you can start planning about the move and packing about 1 month in advance; if it is just a small apartment for individuals, it’s just fine to start preparing about one or two weeks in advance. If you started to plan about too late, it will make you feel nervous and forget things. If you start organizing too early, you may need to use it someday even before moving. Then it will affect the quality of your lifestyle in addition to the trouble, so it is the wisest to choose the right time to start packing !

Ø Distinguish between different storage methods

What’s the best way to store different items? For example, the ceramic plate can be separated by a paper plate between the plates, and then you can wrap it with a packaging material. Because the best way to separate the fragile items is to be individually wrapped and packed. If they are all putted together and collide with each other, the item might break during the process of packing or moving. Clothes hanging in the closet can be easily and directly packed with a large plastic bag going from the bottom to top, so that when you move to your new place, you can hang it directly in the closet without taking too much time to organize! The wires of electrical appliances must be unplugged in advance and packed in bags. You can also collect several storage methods beforehand, so that you can move and pack quickly and smoothly!

Ø Right way of organizing

The order of packing should prioritize the unused things first! If you pack things that you rarely use in daily life, it will not affect your lifestyle even before moving. For example, if you are deciding to make a big move, you should start packing early. If you pack the items that you will use every day first, you need to pack them again when you need to use them temporarily, such a trouble! It will not only disrupt the tidying rhythm, but also it will be very troublesome to take out the stuff that is been packed already!

  • Put common items in a box

At the end of the packing sequence, it may be the night before moving or the morning of moving. At this time, you can pack all the things you will use frequently during the first week after you moved into a box , such as cosmetics for use in the morning or bathing needs in the evening. Toilet utensils, a change of clothes for about a week, mobile phone, and laptop chargers, etc., all packed in one box. The advantage is that these items will always be needed, so you don’t have to take one item out from different boxes every time when you need them. You may not be able to finish organizing all the things on the same day after moving to a new place. Reserve a week of clothes and daily necessities to make it easier for you and not to be too nervous about organizing your home.


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