Move Move Mover shares valuable art packaging and removal skills

18 6月 by Move Move Mover

Move Move Mover shares valuable art packaging and removal skills

Usually, many people like to collect handicrafts, calligraphy, and painting, and it is difficult to move, especially the long way to move across provinces. Due to the different materials of handicrafts, paintings and handicrafts may be damaged if they are not paid attention to when they are moved and packed. So how do you pack and move the crafts when you move? Move Move Mover shares valuable art packaging and handling techniques for moving, I hope it can help you!

Packing Service
Packing Service


1. Paper technical painting.
Due to the different materials of the papercraft paintings, special attention is paid to moisture-proof and folding-proof in the daily collection. You can do this when you move and pack.

1. Ordinary calligraphy and painting.
It is the easiest and most convenient way to install with a painting tube. Roll up the calligraphy and painting and put it into the painting tube when packing. In addition, the painting tube generally has the effect of waterproofing and moisture-proofing. When you move, you can pack plastic wrap and bubble film on the outer layer for double protection when it rains.
2. Table-mounted calligraphy and painting.
If the painting and calligraphy at home are good, use cardboard, bubble film, stretch film, and other materials for packaging.
Firstly, wrap the outer layer of the frame with stretch film to play the role of waterproof and moisture-proof. Secondly, wrap 2~3 layers with bubble film to not only play the role of waterproof and moisture-proof but also play the role of cushioning and shock absorption. Finally, use cardboard Cut the appropriate size shape, seal the box with tape, and attach a warning label. In this way, the mover will be more careful when carrying it.

Luxury furniture packing and moving
Luxury furniture packing and moving

2. Oil painting.
Generally, there are two kinds of dry oil painting and wet oil painting. Pay special attention when packing
1. Dry oil painting.
Dry oil painting mounting, the packaging method is the same as that of mounting calligraphy and painting. First, fix the oil painting in a proper frame, wrap 2~3 layers with stretch film and bubble film respectively, use tape to seal the outermost layer of the interface with cardboard, and affix warning labels.
2. Wet oil painting.
Pay special attention to the wet oil paints when they have not been dry-packed. First, install the wet oil painting, surround the cushion with cushioning cushions on the frame, so that the frame is in a suspended state, then you can choose polyethylene wrapping paper and bubble film packaging, and finally use a carton box. If you are worried about damage in the distance, you can re-make the wooden frame, which has a better cushioning and anti-damage effect.
Whether it is packing paper paintings and paintings or oil paintings, check the completeness of the pictures to avoid disputes after the move.

Singapore Best Mover
Singapore Best Mover

3. Fragile ceramic products.
Some friends like to collect vases, porcelain, etc. to play at home, such things are easy to break, packaging and transportation are also very particular.
If you have the original packaging at the time of purchase, try to use the original packaging. Ceramic products without original packaging can be packaged in the following ways:
First, check the number of ceramics that need to be carried at home, make a list, and then each bottle and porcelain are wrapped in bubble film and fixed with tape. Secondly, when packing, pay attention to not leaving gaps in the carton, you can put more Crumbs and cotton, etc., are cushioned and shock-absorbing, and finally each box is fixed with a wooden frame and packed in a pallet!
After arriving at the destination, remember to open the box to check whether the goods are complete, and sign to pay the final payment.
When moving across provinces, the handicrafts and handicrafts collected by the family are different from the daily necessities, so they need to be taken seriously when moving to package and transport. After reading it, I believe everyone knows how to pack crafts when moving. We want everyone to move completely without damage when they move.

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