What are the precautions for moving an old house?

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What are the precautions for moving an old house?

A). Before house moving

1. Renovate the old house

If the plan is early, it is recommended to simply decorate the house, but you need to pay attention to the appearance of the renovation. Concealed works are also very important, especially whether the water and electricity lines are safe, and remember to replace the aging water pipes in the old house in time.

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2. Thoroughly clean the old house

In the past, people who moved house would pay attention to “clearing the gas field before moving in”, which means that no matter whether you are decorating or not, you must clean the corners of the old house before moving, clean the old garbage out of the room in time, and open doors and windows regularly for ventilation, Try to let the sunshine into the room.

3. Make a list of household items

Before moving, make sure to sort out the list of household items, which can be sorted out according to areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, and living room, or sorted out according to the types of items, such as electrical appliances, fragile items, furniture, and odds and ends.

4. Pick an auspicious day for moving

Choosing auspicious days is our traditional moving tradition and hobby. In addition, it is best to have a sunny day. A rainy day will not only cause operational inconvenience, but the items will easily become moldy and rust after being exposed to water, which will affect later use.

B). During the house moving

1. Pay attention to the time of moving on the same day

Generally speaking, in addition to choosing auspicious days, moving to an old house also pays attention to time. Try to move all items before noon and avoid moving afternoon.

2. You must be present on the day of moving

Regardless of whether there is a moving company, whether you have entrusted relatives or friends to assist, you must be there on the day of the move, not only for safety reasons but also for the owner’s convenience to place items and find items later.

3. Don’t enter the house empty-handed when moving

When moving to an old house, do not enter the house empty-handed. On the day of moving, when you first enter a new house, you can take some valuables in your hand. If you feel that it is not good to make money, you can take a thicker rice bucket. , The meaning is a lifetime of prosperity.

4. Ask your family and friends to warm the room on the same day

After the old house is renovated and moved, it is more important to entertain family or friends on the day, prepare some sweets such as glutinous rice balls, and have a lively meal with family and friends. The popularity of the family will be more vigorous.

Professional lorry mover
Professional lorry mover

3. After moving

1. Do not rebuild after entering the house

When you move into a renovated house, you don’t need to rebuild. The older generation means that after moving, they don’t want to beat them in the room and make a partition.

2. Place some lush green plants

After moving in, you can buy some green plants to decorate the house according to your favorite, so that the whole house looks more vibrant, and the green plants represent vitality and imply prosperity.

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