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Move Move Piano movers are very adequately trained with the best knowledge and handling skills for your valuable piano, no matter upright piano or grand piano. We truly understand the values of a piano in both monetary and mental to our customers, therefore we thrive to bring to you the most professionalism in the market and excellence in our service. Our service comes with full wrapping and necessary protection at all times at no additional cost. Do not hesitate to contact us any time for a hassle-free quote.

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What should we concern when move a Piano?

1. Do not transport the piano in the open air in rain or snow

Pianos are very sensitive to humidity and temperature. The piano is easy to get damp during transportation on rainy and snowy days, and its internal parts are damaged.

2. The piano should not be tilted too much during transportation

In the process of moving the piano up and downstairs, pay attention that the inclination between the piano and the ground cannot be greater than 70 degrees to prevent tilting.

3. What movers need to pay attention to

When moving the piano up and down the stairs, ensure the safety of the piano and the transportation personnel at the same time. It needs to be completed by 2 to 5 people. During the transportation, the back of the piano should face the wall, the keyboard should face the handrail of the stairs, the side of the keyboard should not touch the handrail, and the foot of the car should not touch the stairs; be careful to rub the door frame, escalator, etc. obstacle.

4. During the piano handling and loading process, strictly prevent severe vibration and bumps

a. When transporting the piano to the car, strictly prevent severe vibration and bumpsWhen encountering uneven ground, do not use too much force, as this will easily cause the piano wheel to break, tilt the piano body, and damage the parts.

b. During long-distance transportation, the piano is best placed on a wooden pallet, wooden frame, or wooden box, so that the feet of the piano are suspended and ensure that it is in a stable state.

c. The piano cannot lie on the back of the car, nor place a piano in the center of the car. Don’t drive the piano too fast or brake suddenly, so as to prevent the piano from shaking back and forth and damaging the internal parts after driving.

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The piano is no better than ordinary furniture, and it is easy to worry about when moving. This is not only because of its high value but also because the piano is often a favorite. To keep the piano intact, the moving company is the key.
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