The best way for piano moving in Singapore!

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The best way for piano moving in Singapore!

Dismantle Grand PianoThe piano is no better than ordinary furniture, and it is easy to worry about when moving. This is not only because of its high value but also because the piano is often a favorite. To keep the piano intact, the moving company is the key.
It is best to make an inspection of the moving company:

Piano mover Singapore
Piano mover Singapore

First, do you have any experience in handling pianos? For an experienced moving company, no matter how special your situation is, you can deal with it calmly.

Second, are there any effective measures to protect the piano? The use of special protective covers and protective pads during the transportation is of great help to protect the piano.

Third, whether the porter is serious and responsible. If the selected moving company meets the above conditions, you can safely hand over your beloved piano to them.

Piano transportation steps:

1. Identify the piano model and estimate the weight. When the customer makes an appointment for piano transportation, the customer service staff of the moving company will inquire about the model of the piano in detail, and estimate the weight of the piano-based on the model. Sometimes the salesperson may also need to go to the customer’s home to check the piano on-site so that the company can dispatch workers reasonably.

2, check the piano packaging. Check the piano packing box before transportation to see if it is sturdy, prevent the piano from being damaged due to the looseness of the box, and prevent severe vibration and bumps.

3. There are skills in transporting the piano. If the piano needs to be transported upstairs, four to five people should be sent to carry it. Two people are on the bottom and three people are on the top. Use a wide cloth belt to carry the piano’s feet on the shoulders. At the same time, grab the handle of the back of the piano and the bottom of the keyboard (can’t pull the legs of the piano), lift the piano, and move it to the next floor before resting. Special attention should be paid to that one side of the keyboard cannot touch the handrails, and the feet of the car cannot touch the stairs. When you turn on the first floor, beware of collisions, adjust the direction, and then lift it up. When entering the door, you should also be careful to rub the door frame to ensure that the piano is safely placed in the arranged position at the end. If the piano needs to be transported to a van, because the center of gravity of the upright piano is close to the back, there are more people on the back of the piano than in front of the piano. When you lift it up, there are three people in the front, two people in the back, and people in the back. Lifting and holding it up, the person in front lifts the bottom of the piano, lifts it and puts it on the car, and then one person up and pulls up the car box, and the person behind pushes it into the car box, so that the piano can be loaded onto the car.

4. Protective measures after the piano gets on the car. After the piano is transported to the van, the master of the moving company will protect the piano in all directions, such as: using special flannel for moving to reduce the friction between the piano and the car and use it at the corners Encapsulated by foam glue to prevent damage.

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