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There are no hidden costs for the price we quote.

The additional cost mostly due to additional items that not accounted or any hidden information that didn’t declare during the quotation process, such as staircase, extra items or long pushing distance from B2. 

Our friendly mover will just move for you at no additional charge if the items are small. If the items are much more than what is quoted or require a bigger space, our mover PIC will let you know the additional top up before the move.

We will be taking up the costs like ERP, GST, parking fees etc. 

It’s important to consider delays and traffic when it comes to inclement weather but your move WILL NOT be cancelled unless the city puts out a travel/weather warning or any emergency incidence.

Our company is a registered moving company – Move Move Pte Ltd (201921838K) under Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

Our nature of businesses are transportation and logistics.

There is no license of moving in the industry available under any regulatory authority. 

If you would to reschedule or cancel the booking, please do so before 48 hours up to your booking. Otherwise, there will be a minimum $30 cancellation charge to apply. 

The number of movers we send depends on your move’s size — our operation team will make sure we have the appropriate number of movers to meet your relocation’s requirements.

Tipping is optional and should be reserved for movers who do their job right. Our movers always appreciate when they get a little something extra for a job well-done, but it is ultimately the customer’s decision. Our crew usually don’t expect a tip but is appreciated when given. More than anything, it’s a sign that you recognized their effort and thought it worthy. Providing cold drinks, coffee or whatever is suitable to the weather and time of day is always appreciated.

For the most accurate estimate of what it will take for our team to help with your move, give us a call today. Each and every home or commercial move is so different, so we cannot provide specific information on our website. We like to thoroughly discuss your moving needs with you so we can provide you with the most accurate estimate. 

But don’t worry, our cost will be transparent and clearly explained to you. 

  1. WathsApp 83325196 ANYTIME! 
  2. Office Line 6909 3840, Mondays to Fridays 10am – 6:30pm. 
  3. Email movemovemovers.com@gmail.com
  4. Carousell @movemove_movers or @move_move_movers
  5. Facebook fan page Move Move Movers
  6. Instagram @movemove_movers

Yes. Our professional movers and moving trucks are prepared to move during rain. They come equipped with supplies to keep your belongings safe from the elements.

There is no additional charge for weekend except the request for only manpower or only transportation.

  • Load volume
  • Dismantle/Assembly
  • Super heavy items 
  • Special Equipment
  • The number of flights of staircase.
  • Registration for Building Permit
  • Access restriction that might require long pushing
  • Last-minute increase in volume for the move
  • Scheduling of moving services on non-operating hours

We handle both residential and commercial moving for our valued customers. Besides, we have disposal, furniture collection and delivery, assembly and manpower only service for customers moving without the need of transportation. Also, we have storage solutions for families having renovations, travel plans no matter short term or long term. 

To know more, please click here

Our service hours start from 730am until 1130pm, Mondays to Sundays including Public holidays.

Shall you need service beside this time period, we can accommodate the time slots but there will be a OT surcharge to cover the manpower cost. 

Currently, only within Singapore. 

  1. Contact us for free and non-obligatory quotation.
  2. Our staffs will quote the price and introduce our service inclusions. Once have your confirmation to proceed, we will place the booking in our system. In the event that your requested slot is fully booked, an alternative slot will be suggested.
  3. A box delivery to be arranged for house moving customers shall required. 
  4. Our movers will be there on your scheduled date and time!

We only accept below payment on immediate terms.

  1. Cash
  2. Paynow/Paylah
  3. Bank Transfer

No cheque is accepted. 

The general rule of the thumb is the earlier, the better. It will enable us to meet your preferred date and time slot as more lead time is given. The standard moving services required alternate pickup and delivery dates. If the dates have been fully booked, we definitely will do our best by complying with the nearest possible alternatives. However, you can contact us to ask our availability for the urgent case.

You can pay to our movers in Cash when the job is done or through online bank transfer.

Usually we dont require any deposit for the bookings. But there may be circumstances where you are booking the whole day, then a deposit is required. 

You can directly call your coordinator or our Customer Service. They will also be able to help with any moving day issues or last-minute requests.

Working with a professional team such as the one here at Move Move Movers will help you to streamline your moving process and make it less stressful from start to finish. We have the experience and the equipment to handle even the most difficult items, so you don’t have to risk handling them yourself. Moving all of your possessions from one place to another is a big task, and one that is far more likely to be done right when you hire an experienced moving company

Mover Service

Yes, you can assign someone to receive the delivery — you just need to provide us with the person’s name and contact information.

On moving day, you should let the professional movers handle the job entirely – they are highly trained and the best suited to carry the weight and negotiate the loading of the truck. Generally speaking, having non-professionals work alongside the movers slows things down and costs you more in the long run.

Although not ideal, yes you can. This would be a good place for items like clothes and linen. But please don’t leave items that will roll around or move when the dresser is being carried. And be mindful of adding too much weight.

However, if the furniture becomes too heavy, it’s risky to get damaged during moving, especially when there are staircase to carry. 

Please give us a call if you need urgent move, We will try best to accommodate if there is available vehicle and manpower on the day. 

Yes, and no. Yes, if you would like to, you can bring things closer to the truck but loading is done by our professional movers to ensure safe transport of your goods. No, you are not permitted to board the truck because of liability issues. Just leave everything to our professional movers. 

Absolutely. When we deliver your items to your new home the movers will work closely with you to make sure all bulky furniture arrive in the correct rooms. 

No. our movers are happy to take special care moving these items for you, however we are not technicians and cannot assist.

We assume no liability for electronic set up and dismantling.

However, we do include dismantle of the TV from wall brackets in our full house moving service. 

We help to wrap your mattress, TV, sofa etc for cleanliness and securement purposes during transportation. We want to ensure no scratches or damages in the process of moving. Besides, our lorry is equipped with tailgate which able to reduce the risk of damage due to manually carrying. 

For the luxury items or antiques, we always advise our clients to carry itself unless it is very big and heavy. For this scenario, we will advise our clients to take up the simple insurance for that item if we undertake the move.

There are a few general principles we tell people who work with us to help guarantee a successful, stress-free move:

First, be sure to start packing as early as you can. Most people have items in their home they don’t need on a daily basis. Try to pack everything except the essentials way ahead of schedule to prevent unnecessary stress.

Secondly, try to liquidate any items you know you either don’t need or don’t want in your new home. If you have boxes of items you’ve been meaning to sell or get rid of for a while, there’s no reason bringing these items to your new house. Plan on having a garage sale, taking unwanted items to a thrift store, or selling what you no longer need on an online platform like ebay, facebook marketplace or offer up.

There is no way to answer this question specifically because each move is so different. It depends on how much stuff needs to be moved, how far you are moving, how much packing you have already done, etc. If you would like more specific information regarding your upcoming move, contact us today for a free estimate.

Appliances should be unplugged, disconnected and free of any water, frost or ice. We are not responsible for the disconnection or installation up of any appliances.

Wednesdays are the best day since less people request it, followed by Tuesdays and Thursdays. Fridays and weekends are usually the busiest days resulting in competition for elevator access, which can cause delays. Buildings also commonly have weekend restrictions so it’s best to inquire with yours before booking a date.

  • Freezer and refrigerator need to be defrosted, cleaned and deodorized prior to the move.
  • Drain garden hose, coil and collect ends. Tie or tape garden tools together.
  • Use or get rid of perishable items.

Our company is using medium size carton boxes with dimensions of 40cm*40cm*60cm. 

The boxes are recycled, and we have a team to make sure they are clean to use. 

You can adjust your items by contacting your coordinator. You can add and remove items before or during your move and your final price will be adjusted accordingly.

Storage Service

Our storage units are secured under camera surveillance to ensure that we know exactly what’s happening at all times. With this, we guarantee bug-free storage solutions free of any environmental factors that can pose a risk to your belongings in storage.

We offer customized storage solutions for home and business that gives you access to long-term or short-term storage solutions with storage units with 24 hour CCTV surveillance. 

Our storage units are guaranteed to be clean, safe and pest-free, which is just beside our main office area. 

The address is: #05-35 Pioneer Junction. 

Besides, the storage always come with a discount you engage our transportation two ways in and out from the storage. 

DO NOT hesitate to contact us for a quote!

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Singapore most practical moving guide

Whether it is young people who have just come to the city to settle down or us who have changed residence because of work, or whether they are moving from a family, apart from finding a reliable and safe moving company, there is one more important thing, that is, the storage strategy before moving. I have been drifting in Singapore for many years, not to mention other things, but I definitely have a lot of moving experience. Now I will sort it out for your reference so that I won’t be conf

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无论是刚来城市落脚的年轻人,还是因为工作换居住地的我们,亦或是家庭搬家,除了找一个靠谱安全的搬家公司还有一件事情更重要,那就是—搬家前的收纳攻略。 我在新加坡漂了很多年,别的不说但搬家的经验绝对不少。现在整理下给大家做参考,不至于到时候慌乱的丢三落四。 你需要提前准备的东西: 打包箱,气泡膜,打包胶带,便利贴和那些该扔就扔的“断舍离” 。 按照房间来收拾物品: 1.厨房 易碎品要用报纸或者气泡膜包好,阳台上的米面粮油分类收在箱子里; 2.书房 书多的同学们注意了,一定不要把所有的书装在一个箱子里,那样不仅搬运期间会破损而且工人也不一定能抬得动; 3.客厅 因为客厅一般东西比较碎,记得要打开所有抽屉和柜子,先把东西先放在小袋子里再装箱; 4.卧室 被褥、枕头等寝具,折叠后直接用旧被单包裹。也可以买几个压缩袋,像羽绒服,厚棉被这样的就可以节省很多空间了。 5.拆装 大家具能拆的拆,拆完后把每个家具的螺丝等零件分别用袋子装好,可以用胶布贴在拆完的家具上。 需要注意几点: 1.证件类和贵重物品放在行李箱里随身携带; 2.关键的是一定要切记打“井”字形的胶带,或者单面横竖“川”字, 3.谨遵重物

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Town Council Disposal Tips

MOVE MOVE MOVERS Friendly Tip!  The town council offers free bulky item removal service for its own residents’ convenience. Different town council has different rules, but mostly limited to 3 items per household per month and subject to appointment and schedule. Besides, items must be placed outside the flat by residents themselves for collection at appointed date and time. And the appointment time is further subject to office hours only.There are many exclusions to the free removal by town

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在新加坡说到搬家整理打包,东西无奇多,琐碎又难搞,一不小心还会损坏和丢失,实在是让人头疼。每次搬家前都会呆坐好久,实在是不知道从哪里开始着手……搬搬搬家为了帮助大家轻松有序的整理打包,花了一天的时间总结了以下攻略,如果你要搬家,千万不要错过。 1.物品断舍离 2.列打包清单 3.打包工具准备 4.打包原则 5.打包方法 6.注意事项 一.物品断舍离 物品断舍离是减少搬家费用的重要一步哦,3个月不穿的衣服,买回家积灰的电器,一时冲动带回来的各种摆饰、杂物……全部都可以处理掉。那些“这个好贵先留着吧”、“这个后面应该还用得着”的想法只会增加你的搬家费用哦。 现在二手买卖平台用起来特别方便,Carousell、Gumtree都可以,就是注意要提前发布信息,买卖也需要时间哦。 二.列打包清单 打包前先分区域列出打包物品清单,例如客厅:电视机、茶几、鞋子……. 厨房:锅具、碗、调味品…… 卧室:床、被子、书桌、衣服…… 洗手间:洗漱物品、毛巾、牙刷……

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Tips For Hiring Quality Movers

With millions of moves every year in the Singapore, it’s a minor miracle that most of them go smoothly, with no issues whatsoever. Hiring quality moves is a must, of course. But even with so many smooth moves, scams or shoddy practices do occur. It’s in your interest to be informed about every step in the process. Here are 11 ways to hire the right team for your move: 1. Moving inventory A reputable moving company will take inventory of all your belongings and determine the b

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Top 10 Moving Tips for a Fast, Painless Move

Moving can be fun, but packing sucks. The luster and optimism of a new home quickly diminishes when you’re busy shoving your stuff in boxes so it doesn’t break on the way. Here are some tips to make it all easier. Full disclosure, I’m moving right now, so consider this a dose of “physician, heal thyself,” but these are some of the tricks that have helped me so far—and some things to remember for your next move as well.     10. Get an Early Start   It’s easy to say “don’t wait unti

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How to Process Your Move Without Going Crazy

Everyone could probably use some moving tips, especially if you are packing up your whole life and headed for a new home. You are in good company among the millions of people who have moved their family. It can be a stressful time, but the process does not have to be frustrating. Here’s how to get your life and possessions organized for a smooth and easy move.   Make a List Write everything down; you will thank yourself later. Before you pack even one box, create a

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1 Get organized early Avoid leaving anything until the last minute. Unless you have to pack up and leave in a hurry, chances are you have between 30 and 60 days to make a plan and ensure that moving day runs smoothly. Create a countdown list and itemize everything you need to accomplish week by week. 2 Figure out your move strategy How are you going to get from point A to point B on moving day? For shorter moves, you’ll either need to assemble some very nice friends with trucks o

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17 Moving Tips for Your Smoothest Move

Packing up your life and moving down the street or across the country doesn’t have to be disastrous—follow these moving tips, and you’ll be relaxing in your new space before you know it. Moving—like getting a tooth pulled or driving a very long distance through uninteresting landscapes—is one of those trials almost everyone must face. It’s sometimes unpleasant, it’s never exactly fun, but it usually leads to a positive outcome. Of course, particularly with moving, the success of the endeavor rea

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A Complete Checklist For packing before move

One of the most stressful aspects of moving is packing. When considering how to pack for a move, a smart approach is first to gather the moving supplies you’ll need and then systematically go room-by-room until the job is done. Follow MoveMove checklist for moving to make the process more manageable and creates less stress. General Packing Tips Packing is one of the most crucial phases of moving. By organizing items based on common functions, room use, or other factors, it makes it easier to kee

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Packing Checklist For Your Moving

If you happen to be a thrill-seeker by nature, forget about shocking horror movies or horrifying psychological thrillers. All you need to hear is the dreaded combination of the words PACKING and MOVING, and you’ll have your blood run cold faster than a moving truck speeding on the highway. When facing a residential move across the country, packing for a move will become, willingly or unwillingly, your action sport to keep your adrenaline pumping through your veins the way you like it. Without a

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Step by step guide for Packing and Moving

Moving from a place to a new place is not an easy task and a person needs to be very careful about packing and moving by the movers. There are several relocation services which can help you to transport the goods from one place to another. However, there are some points which a person needs to consider while doing and packing and moving. Packing and moving appears to be an easy job until and unless you get struck by it. It is one of the chores that take days to be completed and a small mist

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5 Moving Tips To Make Your Life Easier

No one enjoys the process of moving. Worse even than finding a way to get all of your stuff from one place to the next is the headache of planning and timing things perfectly so that you don’t go broke just trying to relocate. The expense of moving is often forgotten in the hustle and bustle that is packing and unpacking your life into dozens of boxes, large and small. Regardless of why and where you’re moving, there are a few things you can do to make the arduous task of moving a little easier,

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Planning your Move is Easier than you Think

Moving from one place to the next is a pretty big change to everyone involved. There are a number of things to consider, but with proper planning, your move can go incredibly smoothly. With that in mind, we’re here to help you prepare for the big day with sections detailing some of the most common obstacles people run into. Preparing your Home for the Move – Whether you’re looking for tips on how to sell your home, rent your home, transferring your utilities and other services, this is the place

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Moving Tips to Make Your Move Quick and Simple

Moving into a new home can be an overwhelming experience: not only must you clean, organize and pack up everything you own in a way, but then there is the task of unpacking and finding a place for every item in your new home. But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You will wake up in your dream home will be a reality. To help make your new home move quick and simple, here are some moving tips to help ease the transition: Packing Hacks It’s easy to lose or break thing

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Why Insurance is Important for Office Moving

Moving an entire office to a new location is easier said than done. After you have figured out why you need to transfer to a new office, you now have to spend so much time in crafting a solid plan before the actual relocation itself. Every detail has to be perfect, the timing has to be right, and every office item you have must be accounted for. If you fail to perform even the smallest of tasks, your whole office’s operations could be compromised. In this case, a little peace of mind would

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Easy Moving Tips That Make Your Move Simple

Congrats on your new home! Now you just have to figure out how you’re going to pack and move everything without breaking the bank, your fragile lamp, or your back. Good thing we put together this list of 41 easy moving and packing tips that will make your move dead simple. How do we know these tips will make your move dead simple? We asked expert movers, packers, and professional organizers to share their best tips. If you’re in need of storage, get in touch with MoveMove who will

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9 Expert Tips Make Your Move Easier

While the thought of finally moving into your new home may be exciting (especially after weeks of negotiating and filling out plenty of paperwork), just thinking about preparing for a big move can make any calm and collected person frazzled and anxious. Now you don’t have to dread moving day (too much!). Move Move Mover, a full-service home organization company whose clients include NUS and General Hospital, have partnered with Target to act as the retailer’s home organizing experts. T

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Stay Organized During your House Moving

When you’re getting ready to move, having a plan of action will help you keep your sanity. There are a ton of things that you’ll need to keep in mind from new addresses to items you need to move. We’ve been involved in the moving industry for years now, and here’s a few tips we’ve got to stay organized during your move. Color Code your Boxes Use colored markers or tape and designate one color for each room. This will allow you to easily keep all your stuff together so you don’t end up with the t

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Moving scams can be avoided

Moving scams are everyone’s nightmare. You trust all of your belongings to a moving company, only to have them held ransom until you pay a higher rate than you agreed to. MSN estimates that up to five percent of long distance movers are less than scrupulous. How do you find a reliable moving company amidst all of the companies clambering for your business? Below are ten ways that will help you avoid moving scams: 1. Choose an experienced long distance moving company. A company with a p

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How to avoid moving scams

Moving, in and of itself, is stressful enough. Add in the (very real) possibility of being taken for a ride, both literally and figuratively, by a rogue mover and it’s enough to drive even the sanest person to pull their hair out. But never fear! The pros at Move Mover have some expert tips to help you avoid moving scams. Read on to stay scam-free. First, your new best friend should become this website. It’s run by the Singapore Department of Transportation and is the go-to spot f

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Top 5 rules for packing your own stuff

We live in a do-it-yourself kind of world. From home improvements to tech gadgets galore, there’s not much we can’t at least attempt to accomplish on our own, and for a lot of folks, moving is one of those things. While hiring a professional mover can often be the wiser (and, surprisingly, cheaper) choice, a majority of people prefer to pack their own belongings instead of opting to let the pros do it. If that’s the case for you, don’t lift a finger before reading these five quick tips from the

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6 Items You Should Not Pack When Moving

Moving into a new house is one of the most important moments of your life. This signifies a degree of success bought upon by your hard work and determination. A new place is also the start of so many wonderful possibilities for you and your loved ones. But before all of those things happen, you will need the help of professional home movers in Singapore. These contractors know everything when it comes to your moving needs. Of course, there are ways to make the whole process a lot

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How to Hire a Mover

Steps to hiring a mover at a glance Once you pin down what kind of moving help you need and which add-on services fit your budget you’ll want to get quotes to help you decide which moving company is the best to go with. We’ll get into the nitty-gritty of each step below, but here’s a rundown of how to hire moving help: Choose your move type Set a budget Shop around The whole picture Choose your move type Before you hire moving help, you need to nail down what kind of help you need: full-service,

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Ways to Prepare Piano Move with the Help of Piano Movers

Your passion for music is reflected, among other things, by the presence of a piano in your apartment or your house? But now, a moving project is on the horizon and with this the fateful question arises: “how to move a piano?” If the conditions of access to your piano are difficult and if your instrument is heavy enough, the answer is simple and quite categorical: you cannot do it yourself, and you will need to call on professionals for the move. There are, of course, things you can do as well a

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5 Quality You Should Look For When Hiring Mover

Your home and every item in it is a testament of your hard work made into reality. All of the sweat, blood, tears, and sleepless nights have amounted to a wonderful residence you can reside in. But there will come a time when you need to move into a better home for you and your loved ones. When that time comes, you will need to call on professional moving contractors to help you relocate. There are a lot of moving companies out these but only few are worthy of working for you. As such,

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The Best Ways to Sell Your Stuff Before Moving

Planning to move? It’s time to ditch some of the dead weight as well. Don’t rush into your new house or office with useless stuff when you can make a good amount of money selling it. And the more belongings you have to move, the higher the cost will be and longer it will take. So, what to do with this stuff? While many tech-savvy folks go online to sell their items, you can sell your extra stuff offline for cash or even donate to charity.   Ahead, we have rounded up the best offline and onl

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Tips for Taking the pain out of Office Moving Process

If you are planning for office relocation, it is likely that most of the people you seek advice from will tell you how stressful and difficult the experience is and that there are many pitfalls. With reliable and efficient office movers in Singapore, office moving is no more a hassle. What if we tell you that moving your office is a progressive & exciting time and should be treated this way? Well, a number of reasons could be behind office moving, including business expansion to ne

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What Happens When You Don’t Dispose You Waste Properly

Waste is something that doesn’t need to stay in your residence for a long time. In fact, you need to get rid of various waste materials in your home or office on a regular basis. Not doing so would increase the chances of someone getting sick in no time at all. At the same time, your home would be an ideal target of different pests and make your living conditions much worse. But of course, waste disposal shouldn’t be done without care. In fact, sometimes, it requires professional help from 

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5 Tips to Prevent Pests From Moving In With You

Moving into a new home can be really exciting for you and your family. You have a new place to call your own in a house that fulfills your every need. There are new neighbors waiting to be your friends in a community that will be with you in the years to come. Be careful, though, because you might bring several problems from your old residence to your new home. One of these problems is the pest infestation that resided in your old house. If you manage to bring some of these pests along, there wi

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5 Tips to Prevent Pests From Moving In With You

Moving into a new home can be really exciting for you and your family. You have a new place to call your own in a house that fulfills your every need. There are new neighbors waiting to be your friends in a community that will be with you in the years to come. Be careful, though, because you might bring several problems from your old residence to your new home. One of these problems is the pest infestation that resided in your old house. If you manage to bring some of these pests along, there wi

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Moving Soon? Pack Like A Boss!

We all know the importance of packing and how it can make a huge difference in our whole moving ordeal. But the question remains: How do you actually pack properly? Is there a perfect formula in packing things that you won’t forget or break any of your stuff? Well, a perfect formula is not what you need but a list of the do’s and don’ts. We know how stressful the moving process is from the moment you decide to move up to the time you transfer to your new property. You find so many reasons to be&

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Seven Things to Consider When Choosing a New Location for Your Office

Today’s world is such a perfect place to do business. With just the right idea, you can make it big and have the financial success you’ve always dreamed about. And with that kind of success, it’s only fitting to do business in a place that provides ample space for you and your team. Should you decide to transfer to that new location, you have to keep in mind some moving techniques that will surely make your relocation safe and smooth. This location should be strategic in bringing you closer

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Last Minute Office Move Easy with Move Move

The life of a company, large or small, is marked by the positive and negative events, decisions, and turning points that must be handled with confidence. The last-minute office move is such a critical time that is difficult to negotiate. Whatever the reason is, making an immediate office move is a sensitive matter. It requires a careful preparation if you want to make a smooth move with hurting the process and growth of your business. The larger the size of the company, the more the move must be

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Steps To Move Your Office to Zero Waste

It’s moving! This slang expression makes sense after a real move. Cartons by tens, meters of bubble paper, transport truck overloaded – changing your office is not easy! Whether you are calling on your own muscles or those of a professional, a move is being prepared several months in advance. In off-peak periods, a minimum of one month is required to complete all formalities. During the summer season, the beginning of the week and the middle of the month, the preparation time

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Tips on moving fish and fish tanks

Before Moving Fish movemove.biz One of the most unique challenges of moving is figuring out how to move a fish tank to another house. Each aquarium has its own ecosystem that keeps your fish calm and healthy. Follow our tips to reduce the stress on your fish and sustain their home in your new one. BEFORE YOU MOVE: PREPARING THE FISH AND THE TANK How do you move a fish tank? It takes time and planning. If you’re taking your fish with you, you’ll want to follow these steps to keep their tempo

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Why Need Professional Piano Movers in Singapore?

movemove.biz Music plays a very important role in the lives of every family. This form of expression is a great way to unleash an artistic side to every child and pave the way for these skills to be developed. That’s why you can find a piano in most homes. This handy instrument is a great start to a person’s musical journey and is very easy to learn. Although this might be the case, there will be a time when you need to move into a bigger and better home. When this happens, you won’t be able to

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How To Deal With Fragile Equipment In Office

movemove.biz An entrepreneur’s goal is to deliver a product or render a service that will improve a person’s life. It can be something as simple as selling a cold drink on a hot day or preparing a report on how to lessen the effects of climate change. Whatever field you’re in, having a place dedicated to your work will be of great help. It’s in this office where you and your team will work hard to reach a common goal in the days to come. As you strive hard to expand your business, so does your o

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The Different Kinds Of Waste You Should Know About

movemove.biz Dealing with waste can be such a stressful task, especially if you do not know what you’re facing. Apart from encountering all sorts of health hazards, you might be placing the environment around you in great danger if you’re not equipped or experienced to handle waste. This is true, especially if you’re in the process of moving into a new home or an establishment for your business. It is of utmost importance to be educated in this matter to properly address this task. Of course, th

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4 Moving Tips You Should Always Remember

movemove.biz Moving all your belongings to a new location is never easy. Moving your whole life over a long distance? Well, that way harder folks. Since the distance you need to travel is longer, you should take more precautions to ensure everything goes smoothly. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing your belongings as you relocate to a whole new life. If your belongings mean so much to you, you should be prepared a create a fool-proof plan for your relocation. Here are a couple of long distanc

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3 Office Moving Solutions That Will Greatly Help You

movemove.biz We all know an office has a lot of important items in it that accomplish various functions. These belongings, along with a good number of employees, can be hard to relocate to a new address if you have no idea on what to do. You may end up losing your items, damaging irreplaceable belongings, or disrupting your employees’ productivity during this time of change. Sure, you can prepare for the more common moving problems but there are some that’s more than meets the eye. Here are some

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10 Things To Consider When Moving During Summer

  10 Things To Consider When Moving During Summer movemove.biz Summers feels great! But when it comes to making a move, it seems to be the ugliest and hectic season. If we consider cruel hot winds, sweaty temperatures and unbearable heat of the sun, none is that sane to relocate during extreme summer. But let’s be practical – sometimes it’s not an option, it’s essential. If you don’t have any option to procrastinate a move, don’t worry. The good news is that these horrible moving conditions have

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What does it take to become a good mover?

movemove.biz Finding a good moving company is essential in order to have a successful relocation. A good moving company can truly make a lot of difference. The truth is, it only takes one bad experience to become skeptical for life. Therefore, it is really important to choose among experienced moving companies MoveMoveMovers the one which will make you even enjoy your relocation and which will make the whole process go without any tension and stress. To become a good mover is certainly not an ea

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