Moving Open Class | Teach you how to choose moving services

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Moving Open Class | Teach you how to choose moving services

1. What is the moving service

Strictly speaking, moving is a branch of the traditional logistics concept. It is still based on vehicles + people to provide customers with loading and unloading and transportation services. Essentially, it is still a logistics service. Therefore, the two are not separated, and moving companies generally undertake the Same city distribution and sourcing services, and some logistics companies have also begun to get involved in moving business.
With the rapid expansion of the life service industry, practitioners continue to “addition”, incorporate a series of housekeeping service products, and make a vertical extension to form a more comprehensive integrated home service. Many moving companies/platforms can provide services such as air-conditioning relocation, air-conditioning appliance cleaning, housekeeping cleaning, organizing and storing, indoor air testing, pipe dredging, etc.

moving service
moving service

2. The development status of the moving industry

In the beginning, people did not have the concept of a moving company/platform. When they needed to move, they would either ask relatives or friends for help or spend money to find a truck or hire temporary workers to move. At that time, there was also a profession called “Portrait” (similar to the mountain city of Bang Bang). Later, groups specializing in moving services appeared. There were three main types: mom-and-pop shops, moving companies, and platforms.

Mom-and-pop shop: I buy a truck at home (maybe one or more), and then the family depends on the truck for their livelihood, so the man is responsible for driving and moving things, the woman is responsible for negotiating orders, packing, and also assisting in moving things, and then outside Promote the provision of moving services. Some mom-and-pop shops will handle the qualifications for self-employment, and some do not have any qualifications, and directly declare that they are moving companies. The biggest feature of mom-and-pop shops is that they are cost-controllable (they are family members, there is no distribution, and there are almost no management costs), flexible operation, low-cost pick-ups, and guaranteed profits. This is unmatched by moving companies/platforms. The shortcomings of the day were also fatal, the service was not guaranteed, and the phenomenon of random fee increases was the most serious.
Moving company: A formal moving company must first have a reputable brand (registered trademark), and must also apply for legal business qualifications (such as business licenses, road transport qualifications), and then have a fixed business site (office site) and a certain scale Vehicles and personnel (such as management, drivers, porters, technicians, etc.) must also have a standard quotation model, unified contact information and body attire. In addition to formal unity, employees of regular moving companies must also undergo professional training, including training in handling skills, tool use, and service procedures.
The emergence of moving companies is actually the progress of the industry, a manifestation of the commercialization and regularization of the traditional service industry, and it has also adapted to changes in consumption habits. However, due to the low threshold of the moving industry, the lack of standards and constraints, the moving industry is facing various challenges, such as: sitting on the ground and raising prices, false advertisements, infringement and counterfeiting, damage, and loss of goods, etc. The most terrible thing is that the overall service level is low and the user experience is uneven. Most people who want to move do not know how to choose moving services and how to distinguish good from the bad.

Platform: With the rapid development of the Internet today, the Internet is indeed changing people’s lifestyles, and companies also want to take advantage of this “East Wind” to get a share of the pie. As a result, traditional moving companies have begun to actively embrace the Internet and seek to upgrade and transform. At the same time, some large platforms that provide moving services have emerged, and building platforms require huge and continuous investment. Therefore, capital has begun to be introduced into the industry and obtained financing. The platform quickly “encloses” through overwhelming advertising and marketing + multi-directional subsidy activities + data cooperation access. Due to the high degree of Internetization, it caters to the needs of most young people today, harvests a large number of users, and forms its own private domain traffic. The current mainstream moving platforms are almost all integrating social vehicles and personnel. There are no self-operated vehicles, no drivers, and porters. This leads to different service levels, service quality that cannot be controlled, and the platform in general. Porter services are not provided. Customers need porters. They are all temporary guest appearances by drivers. You can think about the degree of professionalism. It is worth noting that the price on the platform is only the starting price of the model + the number of kilometers, which means that there may be additional fees on the spot, and the actual fees may be much higher than expected.

Best Moving Company
Best Moving Company

Three, the misunderstanding of choosing a moving company

1. Use a single aspect to judge whether the moving company is reliable, and you may lose sight of the other.

Some people only look at the price, the cheaper the better, and they think it saves money. In fact, otherwise, likely, the gain will not be worth the loss. Why?

First, is it really cheap? Before the final payment, it is best not to conclude. Many unscrupulous merchants deliberately report low prices to attract customers to place orders. Then, after arriving at the scene, various additional fees and hidden fees are various, what are the hard costs and pick-up fees. , Distance fees, etc., when I finally paid the money, I realized that it was too late, which was several times higher than the quoted price;

Second, as the saying goes, “cheap is not good.” Many low-priced moving services do not guarantee service quality. Two porters should have been sent to the door, but only one person… There are no important things twice in your life. Why do you want to take advantage of this unnecessary risk in such a prudent thing?

2. Too superstitious about the so-called word-of-mouth, and be careful to be blinded by marketing.

Indeed, I have to admit that word-of-mouth is very important. The smell of wine is not afraid of the deep alleys. What personal experience, recommendations from relatives and friends, big V celebrity advertisements, online word-of-mouth strategies, etc… But how much credibility is today’s word of mouth? Just like online shopping now, do you still have the habit of reading reviews, whether you look at good reviews or bad reviews?

Best House Mover in Singapore
Best House Mover in Singapore

First, word-of-mouth marketing is not necessarily true word-of-mouth. There are moving companies that hire naval forces, buy promotion services, write praise for themselves on major online platforms, imitate customers to praise themselves, and even deliberately discredit competitors, Brush bad reviews.

Second, word-of-mouth can also be a beautiful mistake. According to observations, many illegal moving companies impersonate other regular moving companies, but consumers cannot distinguish them. When disputes arise, consumers will complain and complain online. As a result, moving companies that have been impersonated and infringed are “secreted”. This phenomenon is no longer a minority.

Third, radish and cabbage have their own loves, and each consumer has his own preferences and appeals, which makes their evaluations inclined. To use an analogy: go to a restaurant to order a dish and let ten people taste it. The evaluation must be different. Some people think it is delicious, some people think it is average, and some even think it is unpalatable. Any product has bad reviews, it’s just a matter of how many bad/ good reviews.

Sort of credibility from high to low: personal experience>recommended by relatives and friends>Internet word-of-mouth evaluation=recommended by big V celebrities

Therefore, word-of-mouth is an important basis for judgment, but it is not the only criterion. More importantly, you have to ask yourself what is the most urgent problem to be solved (demand point), your preference (brand or price or what… ), and then a comprehensive comparison and understanding of various standards.

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