Singapore most practical moving guide / pindah rumah Services

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Singapore most practical moving guide / pindah rumah Services

Whether it is young people who have just come to the city to settle down or us who have changed residence because of work, or whether they are moving from a family, apart from finding a reliable and safe moving company, there is one more important thing, that is, the storage strategy before moving.

I have been drifting in Singapore for many years, not to mention other things, but I definitely have a lot of moving experience. Now I will sort it out for your reference so that I won’t be confused by the time.

Things you need to prepare in advance:

Packing box, bubble film, packing tape, post-it notes, and those “discards” that should be thrown away.

Pack items according to the room:

1. In the kitchen, fragile items should be wrapped in newspaper or bubble wrap, and the rice, noodles, grains, and oils on the balcony should be sorted and stored in boxes;

2. Study room. Students who have a lot of books pay attention, do not put all the books in one box, otherwise not only will they be damaged during transportation, but the workers may not be able to carry it;

3. Living room Because things in the living room are generally broken, remember to open all drawers and cabinets, and put the things in small bags before packing;

4. Bedroom Bedding such as bedding and pillows should be directly wrapped with old sheets after being folded. You can also buy several compression bags, such as down jackets and thick quilts, which can save a lot of space.

5. Disassembly and assembly The large furniture can be disassembled. After disassembly, install the screws and other parts of each furniture in a bag. You can use tape to stick on the dismantled furniture.

Points to note:

1. Documents and valuables are carried in the suitcase;

2. The key is to remember to use “Tic Tac Toe” shaped tape, or “Chuan” on one side.

3. Keep heavy objects in small boxes and large objects in large boxes;

4. Put a post-it note on the outside of each box after packing, indicating the description of the item, and you can find it at any time when you arrive at your new home;

5. Handle phone shutdown or transfer;

6. Handle related living payment;

7. Remember to find the property department to open the exit-entry in the community in advance (remember, this area is easy for many students to forget).

Now there is only a choice of moving companies. There are still many choices in Singapore. (You go to Google to search by yourself).

Singapore best mover company
Singapore best mover company

There are many types of models, but you must not choose a small one. One is that the model is unfamiliar, and the other is because you move more things than you think:

Small bread: The back seat is two rows, generally foldable or disassembled, suitable for students moving without furniture;

In order to prevent the chef from sitting on the floor and raising the price during the service, the following is a list of the top ten questions:

Charging formula = starting price + extra kilometer fee + floor handling + flat ground handling + disassembly and assembly fee + oversize handling fee

1. Moving time (generally there is no night charge if there is about 80 yuan);

2. Moving date (some moving companies will be more expensive on weekends than on weekdays. Because most people move on weekends, it will be more favorable if you choose to move on weekdays, and the vehicle will be easier to find.);

3. How much is the starting price and how to calculate the number of extra kilometers;

4. What are the large items and furniture in the home, such as whether the washing machine is a turbo or a drum, how many doors are in the refrigerator, how much volume is the TV, and how many inches is the TV (be sure to ask in detail whether the electrical appliances you want to move need to be paid for, so as not to be too heavy to increase the price. , Such as large fish tanks, treadmills, etc.);

5. How to charge for disassembly and assembly, such as the need to disassemble the wardrobe, double bed, etc. (about 100 yuan, disassembly, and assembly are divided into different cabinets, such as with or without glass, sliding door or side opening door, etc., there are also simple The money is calculated according to the width of a few meters. The beds are divided into simple beds, double beds and bunk beds.); 6. If there is no elevator, how do you charge for climbing the stairs (floor fee refers to the moving of the lower and upper floors of the house on both sides of the move) There is generally no charge if there is an elevator. If there is no elevator, you need to go upstairs. The charge is based on the floor. Generally, it ranges from 10-30 on the first floor. This is also a one-time charge, and there is no difference between several people.

7. If the moving company’s car cannot be parked downstairs in the community, the flat ground transportation fees incurred should be charged according to the price list (10 meters or 20 meters are free. Please note that some arbitrary charges are said to be a flat ground transportation fee for a worker. In fact, The money is the same as the floor transportation, it is collected at one time, there is no problem with several people);

8. Moving house usually has 3-4 masters, if you need to bring more small workers, how to charge (make sure to include all service hours instead of charging per person per hour);

Singapore best residential mover
Singapore best residential mover

9. Can invoice be issued (some invoices require additional charges);

10. What to do if the goods are damaged (for the damage to the household appliances, the moving company should be asked to pay for the repair costs, if it is completely damaged, the new product should be compensated).

In addition to the mainstream search channels, you can also look at the community or forum evaluations. When searching, remember to click to open the page and then see if it is the name of the company you are looking for. Many company pages are selling dog meat.

Those advertising companies also know that whoever pays sells the search results, and there is no brand protection. At present, these problems have been conceived as much as possible. If you have special items, you can call them to consult them, but the average family is enough.

Then again, don’t be reluctant to throw things away, those things that you don’t use now will still be useless in your new home.

A glass of wine to the past, why bother to look back. Wanting to turn life into life is a step-by-step accumulation and transformation. I hope everyone can live refreshed and happy without fear of the past.

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