What do I need to prepare for full house moving? 5 outlines to keep in mind so moving can go smoothly too!

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What do I need to prepare for full house moving? 5 outlines to keep in mind so moving can go smoothly too!

What to prepare for moving

Do you want to move in an orderly and planned manner? Then you must think carefully and plan well before the full house moving, what needs to be prepared for moving should be also planned.

List a ‘’TO DO” list, so that you will not forget things or being too panic and confused when you move! Now let Move Move Movers discuss with you “what needs to be prepared for moving” and “what kinds of moving preparations are necessary” according to different categories!


5 things to pay attention to when moving

What do I need to prepare for moving? If the pre-work for moving is done well, you can move easily and smoothly on the day of moving! It won’t be like a headless fly. You don’t know what to pack, what to prepare, or where to start organizing when you arrive at your new home, how to plan the location of your items, etc. Now let’s start planning before moving with Move Move Movers today!

Best mover Singapore
Best mover Singapore


  1. Packing materials and markings

What do I need to prepare for house moving? It is best to prepare as soon as possible the things you will need during the packing process before moving, such as the carton boxes needed for moving, the choice of packaging materials, etc.

The carton boxes needed for moving can be collected from Move Move Movers as we provide free boxes as a value-added service to our customers who engage us on moving service! If there are fragile items in your home, you need to prepare packaging materials in advance to protect them such as old newspaper or bubble wrappings. We also provide packaging materials such as tapes, markers, bubble wraps too!

After the general items are packaged, it is best to mark the content or the place where they should be placed with conspicuous labels. It is best to prepare this part in advance!


  1. Dimension measurement of furniture and new house

Before preparing the things and moving, it is recommended to go to the new house to measure the size of different parts like kitchen/bedroom/Livingroom, etc. in advance, to avoid problems of the furniture not fitting into their respective area like refrigerator can’t fit into the spot in the kitchen or sofa can’t fit into the living room. If you need to purchase new furniture, you should also buy according to the new house’s capacity and mensuration in advance.



  1. Check the water and electricity pipelines of the new house


What things do I need to prepare for house moving?” In fact, it is not just “things”. For example, the direction of the wires in the new house, whether the plumbing is normal, the location of sockets, whether all circuits are working properly, etc., should be checked before moving as well! If there is a problem, at least the pipeline can be repaired or replaced before the furniture enters the house!

Professional lorry mover
Professional lorry mover
  1. Make an appointment for a cleaning and prepare cleaning equipment

Before moving, the new house should be fully organized and cleaned. You can choose to make an appointment for cleaning staff to come down or prepare your own cleaning equipment to clean the new house. If you want to clean the new house on the day of moving, you must remember to bring the cleaning for appliances. It is best to use a vacuum cleaner as there is a lot of dust at this time, so you can avoid dust flying through the broom if you use a vacuum cleaner!


  1. Plan for the new house needs

Before preparing for the purchase of things/furniture before moving, you should think about what you need to buy for your new home. In addition to daily necessities E.g. bath products, kitchen supplies, etc., you can also think about whether your new home needs extra hooks, extension cords, lamps, etc., so that you won’t have to go out shopping while tidying up your home!

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