2022 Feng Shui for House Moving in Singapore

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2022 Feng Shui for House Moving in Singapore

Dates for Moving House in 2022 According to Feng Shui: Feng Shui, like Vastu Shastra, has grown in popularity in India as a result of the numerous benefits it provides to its citizens. Even when people are planning to move into new residences, they consider the auspicious date in the Chinese calendars when deciding when to do so. Feng Shui or Chinese dates are regarded as auspicious in the same way as auspicious Griha Pravesh dates are. If you plan to move into a new home this year, you can choose an auspicious date from the Feng Shui home moving dates 2022 to bring serenity, happiness, and wealth to your new home.

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Dates for House Moving in 2022 According to Feng Shui

There are specific lucky days in the Chinese calendar for moving into a new residence, according to Feng Shui and Chinese astrology, such as:

  • Cheng Day is the most important day for all ceremonies.
  • San He Day is a day of triple harmony.
  • Horse Day is celebrated on the sixth day of the lunar month.
  • The best day for all ceremonies is Ecliptic Day.
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According to Feng Shui, you should follow specific new house rituals when you move into your new home to bring happiness to your new home.

  1. Keep a Maneki Neko (Feng Shui cat) in your new home to attract good luck.
  2. Wind chimes should be rung in your new home to fight off negative energy and welcome good fortune.
  3. When you first arrive at your new home, enter and exit through the main entrance.
  4. Light a candle in your new house to absorb any negative vibes that may be present. It de-darkens and purifies your home.
  5. To expel evil energies and safeguard your dwelling from evil eyes, burn crushed sage.
  6. To clear negative vibes from your new home, light an incense stick.
  7. To defend your home from evil eyes, sprinkle salt on the threshold and windows.
  8. Sprinkle cash and rice throughout your new home to bring prosperity and ensure you never go hungry.
  9. After you move into your new home, open the windows and doors to allow more fresh air to come in.
  10. Maintain a Money Tree in the southwest corner of your home to attract prosperity and abundance.
  11. Feng Shui hues like white, blue, green, orange, and red, which represent tranquility, should be used to paint the walls of your home.
  12. Never have a television in your bedroom, as this is the place in your house where you should relax and unwind.
  13. Invite your friends and family to your housewarming party to bring positive energy into your home.
  14. Broken or junk items should not be kept in your new home as they can bring bad luck.
  15. Make your new home’s main entryway welcoming.

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