Choosing an Apartment Expert Moving Company

18 7月 by Move Move Mover

Choosing an Apartment Expert Moving Company

If you’re moving out of your apartment, what should you and your moving company prepare?

What you need to know when moving out of an apartment

Raise your eyes the next time you’re in a big city.
Look at the gleaming skyscrapers high up: how did you move in or out of such a tight and tall building in the first place?

How does the company they hire manage the specifics of nearby parking, packing up their belongings and moving their furniture to the truck?

For those who have lived in high-rises before, the question is not so academic. Moving out of an apartment into a skyscraper can be challenging, to say the least. Now imagine that you are making arrangements to move overseas at the same time.

So if you’re moving out of your apartment for an international move, what should you and your moving company prepare?

Condo moving at Sentosa
Condo moving at Sentosa

What should I bring with me to relocate?

As far as questions go, this should be your first consideration. Walk around your apartment and make a list of the things you absolutely must move: sentimental items, antique furniture that you especially love, electronics that you don’t want to buy again or are impractical to buy again.

Also keep in mind how these precious items will be moved: removed from your apartment, out of the apartment complex, carefully loaded into a truck, and they will most likely be loaded into a container and shipped to their new home overseas.

Also consider what can be disassembled. Single beds, bookshelves and other things will be lighter and more convenient when disassembled. Most professional movers, including Crown’s relocation team, will have the means to handle furniture that can be taken apart and carry a hex key with them to do this.

It’s important, however, that some pieces of furniture won’t necessarily come back together as tightly as they were when they were first assembled, so be mindful when deciding to dismantle and move.

Singapore lorry mover
Singapore lorry mover

Channel limit

Another key question: How easily can you or someone else walk into your apartment? Some complexes often take circuitous routes to the residence, so this is an important consideration.

Movers Singapore
Movers Singapore

In some of the larger, more complex apartment complexes – take London’s famous Barbican for example – delivery elevators may not be prominent. Sometimes they are hidden on the back of buildings. You may even need to ask the building’s property management office for its exact location.

As mentioned above, your floor is also critical. For example, if you live on the top floor of an 80-story apartment building in Hong Kong, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the delivery elevators and residential elevators can support porters and heavy loads. Also, you may need to relocate during off-peak hours—making your job more convenient and expressing concern for other neighbors.

Finally, if you live in a multi-level apartment that uses stairs, you and the moving company you hire need to keep this in mind too, especially if you’re moving heavier items upstairs.
very large item

As already mentioned, you should have a list of things you want to carry, either on paper or mentally. But what if you want to bring an unusually large and heavy item — like a beloved grand piano?

In some special cases, moving something this large from an apartment may require special processes and equipment. For example, the temporary removal of door frames, the use of flatbed trucks, and even in rare cases hoisting. As far as pianos are concerned, professional companies will recommend that you hire a tuner to tune the piano in your new home after moving.

Truck loading

In most international relocations, people want to move at least some furniture. So the next question concerns the truck. Simply put: How easy is it to get a truck into your apartment?

In some apartment complexes, delivery elevators lead directly to the parking lot. These are sometimes ideal, but if it’s an underground car park, it may have width and height restrictions that require advance notice. It’s also important to note that reputable companies will let property management know their relocation times and process before they use the complex’s car park, and complete any required approval applications.

If your moving company cannot access the property from an adjacent or internal parking lot, they will need to use nearby roads. In this case, they need to know the local rules governing heavy goods vehicles. Depending on state and local regulations, these issues relate to how long a moving vehicle/heavy goods vehicle can be parked and loaded, etc.

For example, in some parts of Singapore, your moving company can apply for a moving permit to guarantee them the right to park on certain otherwise restricted roads.

What will my moving company do to help me move?

First, your moving company should accurately assess your apartment’s access restrictions from the start.
Most professional companies will send professional consultants to determine these conditions: access and delivery elevators, items you plan to move and their volume/dimensions, nearby roads, parking lots, local regulations, everything including the width and height of the main entrance to the apartment.

At Move Move Movers, this can be done through a door-to-door consultation or an online consultation through a mobile app we develop. If you live in an apartment and are planning an international move, and your employer isn’t making these arrangements, you should have reason to worry about the move.

When the day comes to move, a professional mover should already know all of the above information and, as a matter of course, have materials to protect floors and apartment walls. They should also keep a list of your carry-on items, preferably through a digital system, so that you can pay special attention to the handling of certain items, such as your beloved antique furniture, before loading.

In a (very rough) summary, moving from an apartment isn’t simply shoving stuff onto a truck. You want to be prepared when making a decision.
If you’re planning an international move, why not contact Move Move Movers? We’ve helped tens of thousands of people move since 2019, and our knowledge and experience in performing professional apartment moves is unmatched.


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