How Many Movers Do I Need for House Moving?

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How Many Movers Do I Need for House Moving?

You’ve found a place to live. You’ve begun packing. You’ve determined that hiring a moving company in Singapore is the best way to get to your new home. That’s a fantastic start!

Then you begin to consider the practical details. How much will it set you back? How much time will it take? And how many movers will you require to get there?

Fortunately, a professional moving company can assist you in finding the right crew for the job. That being said, it’s always a good idea to be prepared with your own understanding of what it will take. We’ve put together a handy guide to help you figure out how many movers you’ll need.

Budgetary Estimates

Let’s start with a broad concept. While this is a broad estimate that does not take your specific details into account (more on that later), it will provide you with a ballpark figure. Let’s take a look at different spaces and how many movers you might need on average.

Apartment in a Studio
If you have a 400-600 square foot studio apartment, you will need two movers. Loading and unloading will take 3-4 hours on average.

Apartment with 1-2 Bedrooms
Estimate 2 movers for 4-5 hours if your apartment has 1-2 bedrooms and is between 700-1,200 square feet.

House with 2-3 Bedrooms
If your house has 2-3 bedrooms and is 1,100-1,600 square feet, you’ll need three movers for 5-7 hours on average.

House with 3-4 Bedrooms
A 3-4 bedroom home between 1,500-2,200 square feet will require 3 movers for 7-9 hours on average.

House with 4+ Bedrooms
You’ll need 4 movers and 7-10 hours to get there if you’re moving from a 2,000-3,000 square foot home.

Consider the Following Factors

Of course, there are other factors to consider when determining the number of movers you’ll require. Each move is unique, with a variety of variables such as the amount of belongings, the items that require special care, and how simple or difficult the entry to your old or new home is.

How Much Stuff Do You Want To Move?

Movers determine the details of your relocation primarily based on the amount of belongings you have. Local movers will charge you based on the number of movers and the number of hours you require, and your belongings play a significant role in that equation. Long-distance movers use a different calculation that takes into account the weight of your overall load as well as the distance you’ll travel. In either case, your financial situation is critical.

moving service
moving service

That is why we advise downsizing before relocating. Not only will this save you time (and possibly manpower), but it will also save you from packing and unpacking boxes of items you don’t use. Allow yourself time to go through your belongings and donate, sell, or throw away anything you haven’t seen or used in a long time. Trust us, when it comes time to unpack, you will be grateful.

What Items Require Special Care?

If you’re moving large, awkward, or antique items, you’ll probably need some help. Specifically, a pool table, piano, hot tub, large artwork, or antique furniture. Appliances such as your dishwasher, refrigerator, and washing machine are also included. Have large pieces of furniture that are too heavy to carry or too awkward to move easily out of your home? A big fish tank? You may require additional movers.

Not only will you require extra hands, but you will also require hands with expertise. Don’t think you’ll be able to help out when the movers arrive. Of course, when you discuss your move with a professional moving company, they will include all of these items in their plan and will know how many people to bring on the spot.

Do You Have Additional Assistance?

While you will not be assisting the moving company in transporting your life-sized replica of the Venus de Milo, you can still benefit from assistance in other areas. You could do some pre-planning if you have some favors you can call in, which could save you time on the big day.

Assembly Service
Assembly Service

Disassembling furniture and organizing all of your boxes in one location can greatly assist your movers in their work of, well, moving. It’s nice to have a friend on hand when the big day arrives, but keep in mind that professional movers get into a groove and are usually more efficient – that’s why you hire them! They are also insured and have the necessary equipment to ensure that your items are moved safely while also caring for their physical health.

Details on Entry and Exit

Perhaps you’ve lived in your place for so long that it doesn’t occur to you that your presence complicates the moving process. Especially when it comes to moving large pieces of furniture. More people may be required to move if you have a complicated exit from your old home or entry into the new one.

House moving Singapore
House moving Singapore

Consider stairwells, the number of flights of stairs, elevators, and access routes to and from your building. Narrow hallways or doorways, as well as tight or awkward corners, play a role. Is there no parking? This will not only add time, but it may also increase the number of movers because they will have to carry your belongings a longer distance.

Additional Services

Your movers can do more than just transport your belongings. They can also help you with packing and unpacking. This may necessitate more manpower, but it will allow you to complete the task more quickly.

Full-service movers in Singapore will arrive with all of the packing materials you require and will expertly pack everything. They will disassemble your furniture and carefully load it into the truck. They will, on the other hand, reassemble your furniture and unpack all of your boxes, taking the packing materials with them.

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