The correct method and key points of moving mahogany furniture

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The correct method and key points of moving mahogany furniture

As one of the precious pieces of furniture in the furniture market, it has a very high collection value, coupled with the characteristics of natural and environmental protection, so it has always been sought after by people. Especially for lovers of mahogany furniture, mahogany furniture is regarded as a pearl in the palm. It is always inevitable to move valuable mahogany furniture to your home. Of course, if you bumped and scratched during the transportation process, it would be distressed. So, what are the ways to move mahogany furniture to avoid these problems? Today, I will take everyone to take a look at the correct method and key points of moving mahogany furniture. When placing furniture, it is best to keep a distance of about one centimeter from the wall and not close to the wall. Because if you stick it too close, the moisture on the brick wall will erode the furniture, make the furniture damp, and also damage the wax layer on the surface of the furniture, and then damage the wood.

Luxury furniture packing and moving
Luxury furniture packing and moving

How to move several types of mahogany furniture:
This kind of mahogany furniture is relatively easy to carry and use, as long as the furniture should be placed in a stable position when using the furniture.

How to move mahogany furniture like thrones:
The armrest cannot be moved when moving the chair, and both hands should be placed under the chair surface because the tenon and tenon joints of the armrest are relatively fragile to avoid damage. It is also not possible to move its hind legs (uppercut), because the branches of the hind legs are relatively thin, so they have to withstand the weight of the entire chair, which is easy to damage.

How to move table and case mahogany furniture:
You can’t move the fragile carved parts when moving the table. It is best to move and stack it face down to lower its center of gravity. When moving, both hands should be placed on the front and rear dental plates, and must not be placed on the head guards at both ends. Because the head guard in the furniture is a weak part, only a small tenon is used to connect it with the dental board.

How to move cabinet-like mahogany furniture:
When moving the cabinet, you must pin the door pins and lock the drawers. It is best to use a rope to “wrap around” and tie two circles to protect the cabinet doors and drawers of the furniture, so as to prevent them from being thrown out or dropped due to tilting during the moving process. Bad. The person who moves the cabinet should stand on both sides of the cabinet. The person on one side lifts the top of the cabinet, and the person on the other side lifts the bottom of the cabinet so that the cabinet is tilted at a 45° angle to the ground. This is more labor-saving and safer. It is an expert transfer method.

The method of moving bed mahogany furniture:
The screens, shelves, and other components on the side of the bed should be removed first, placed on the bed, tied up, and then moved; when installing and using, they should be aligned according to the structural characteristics of the tenon and tenon and then inserted.

How to move mahogany furniture like screens:
Part of the screen base, screen frame, base, and screen core can be flexibly disassembled. When installing, stand the base steadily on the ground, and insert the screen base, screen frame, and screen center into the groove center and edge respectively. As for the hanging screen, you only need to choose a good dressing position and you can hang it up.

Best service for move your furniture
Best service for moving your furniture

Pay attention to the following points when handling mahogany furniture:
1. Find some soft ropes as much as possible. The foam will bind the mahogany furniture packaging. When handling or moving the furniture, be sure to handle it with care. Remove all removable wooden partitions and glass, reduce weight and separate them. Pack it well so that it will not be damaged during transportation.

2. Remove all adjustable wooden partitions and glass, and pack them separately to ensure that the furniture will not be damaged during transportation.

3. In order to avoid deformation, breakage, paint peeling, scratches, and abrasion to the furniture during the handling process, please do not slide or drag the furniture on the ground.

4. Close and lock all drawers and doors, cover them with a moving pad or blanket, and tie them lightly.

5. Use padding or foam to protect the corners, protrusions, and handles of the furniture.

6. When moving board mahogany furniture that can be divided into several parts, such as TV cabinets and combination cabinets, please disassemble them to reduce weight and facilitate transportation.

When moving the mahogany furniture, the furniture should not be dragged hard, and should be lifted gently to avoid loosening or breaking the tripod, tenon, and other parts; the furniture should be placed flat and upright, and the four legs should be on the same plane. The furniture as a whole should be kept perpendicular to the ground, otherwise, it is easy to cause deformation of the whole furniture and door frames, which will damage the service life of the furniture; please ask professional companies for help when disassembling or moving the furniture. Handle with care; for furniture that needs to be reinstalled, the doors and drawers of the furniture should be adjusted appropriately to ensure normal use.

Because the furniture made of precious wood is heavy, one side will easily touch the ground when a person moves, and a heavyweight will be added to one leg instantly, causing the furniture to be damaged. Therefore, it is best to have two or four people move and put them at the same time to avoid crashing or knocking.

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