Why should you choose mover company in Singapore?

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Why should you choose mover company in Singapore?

In fact, moving is a manual work, but also a technical work. The following will bring you the tips and the whole process of moving to all visitors, so that moving will become an art of moving and moving, and your moving efficiency will be doubled.
Move Move Mover- Mover team
Move Move Mover- Mover team
1. Precautions before packaging
1. Pack according to functional area, what you see is what you pack, according to area to pack objects, kitchen belongs to kitchen, bedroom belongs to bedroom, the advantage of this is that it is not easy to lose things when re-arranging, and secondly, it saves trouble.
2. Items with low frequency of use are prioritized for packing, clothing, shoes, hats and bedding that are not this season, large detachable items, kitchen utensils that are not frequently used, etc.
3. There are children who go to school at home (such as the dreamy first grade). Make sure that the children’s school supplies are combined and packaged. You can find out as soon as you move. If you encounter someone who is sick, the medicine needs to be packaged separately.
4. Set aside the necessities of life to a minimum, and pack them separately until the last day
5. Document contracts, gold and silver delicates, valuables, etc., not only need to be packaged separately, but it is best to bring your own personally to prevent loss
6. Take a photo and record the packaged box. Before sealing the box, take a photo. After sealing the box, immediately label and mark the number and write down what items are inside. It is easy to check whether the box is complete after moving and write clearly what is inside. What item, in which room, if there are dozens of boxes, this is absolutely important!!!!
7. Everything that can be handled is handled. Anyone who is surprised to see “I still have this thing!” can basically be handled. Moving is a good opportunity to restart the home environment, don’t miss it~
8. Place fragile items in the center of the box, with old clothes or a bubble protective film filled around the box. The outside of the box must be marked with “Fragile items inside” and an upward arrow. Don’t throw away all old clothes, fragile Items are protected by it.
Carton boxes of Move Move Mover
Carton boxes of Move Move Mover
Two, pack and organize
1. Choose the right carton/woven bag. Some people like to choose larger cartons or woven bags when moving, and think that they can hold a lot of things at once, but… have you considered who will move it, whether the weight can bear it, and whether it takes up space in the moving vehicle.
2. If an individual moves and there is too much luggage, the editor recommends to use woven bags as much as possible. First, the individual moving generally chooses a van with limited capacity, but if it is a woven bag, about 30 can be stuffed, and the carton is estimated to be up to 20 This is the upper limit; second, good storage can be reused, and the carton is not easy to store after the carton is moved, and it occupies a large area. Third: The mover is better to move.
3. People often consult the editor on how to organize books. It is recommended to use small boxes for books. The small boxes used for express delivery should not use large cartons, because after you have loaded the books, you will find that you want to move the cartons as much as possible. Don’t move, that would be embarrassing, right?
4. Size label stickers: you can buy different colors to distinguish the packing boxes of different functional areas.
3. Contact the moving company
1. Confirm the moving information: the names of the communities on both sides of the move, the departure and destination floors, the approximate amount of luggage, whether there are any large household appliances and furniture, and the need for disassembly and assembly, and then estimate the model you may need to use, whether it is a van or Vans.
Move Move Mover
Move Move Mover
2. To confirm the moving date, it is best to book a specific time one day in advance. It is recommended to advance two days on weekends. A good moving company or moving master will also have a good business, so make an appointment in advance and prepare in advance to save the day.
3. Tell the moving company the number of items truthfully, so that the moving company can give precise prices, and make a record of chats or calls, so that it is convenient for you to wrestle after a problem occurs.
4. Regarding the choice of moving models, the editor advises everyone: students and office workers are recommended to choose vans for 1~2 personal luggage, 2~3 people are recommended to choose bread for personal luggage, and family companies are recommended to use vans when moving.
5. Confirm billing methods and moving prices: regular moving companies have a set of detailed and strict tariff standards, and their quotations will also be based on the price list, and they will be added up, rather than imagined, or if you are good to talk, give you a false report You need to know the price of moving by one vehicle in Singapore. You can check it directly on its official website or search for Move Move Mover.
Movers Singapore
Movers Singapore
Fourth, the new home stepping point
Don’t feel that the location of the new home is not important. You can ask our moving customers how many friends have arrived in the new home and can’t find how many buildings, units or even floors they live in.
1. New home routes and road conditions, some communities have narrow roads and many people, so the problem of vehicles entering and leaving the moving company must be considered
2. The height and width of elevators, corridors and doors, especially elevators, should pay attention to those who move large furniture. Because the height and width of some elevators are different, once the three-seater sofa could not be put in the elevator, the Move Move Mover master moved it to the customer’s 26th floor, and wiped his sweat on the moving brother here.
3. Whether the community needs to apply for a pass, confirm in advance, so as not to waste time, Singapore’s pass is generally replaced by the master driver’s license or ID card in the moving vehicle.
4. Plan in advance, clarify what items are placed and where, and let the mover move you to the designated place in one step, so as not to waste physical energy when moving around. Don’t worry about the trouble of the master here. The mover of Move Move Mover has a good temper. , Good attitude, good service, and will place items in designated locations according to customer needs.
Best mover Singapore
Best mover Singapore
Five, matters needing attention when moving
1. Tell the mover what is fragile and cannot be crushed
2. Check the aftermath: = check if there are any missing items in the moving vehicle
3. The move is completed, there is a comment platform, don’t forget to give a thumbs up to the satisfied brother
6. Organize and summarize after moving
Prioritize the necessary areas of life: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom
7. List of items needed for moving
Woven bags, packing boxes, compression bags, tape, valuable and fragile items, need bubble film (usually provided by the moving company), trolley (provided by the moving company), paper towels, band-aids, gloves, bottled water
Summarize the whole process of moving
Just sort things, throw things, move things
The basic storage and finishing are done
The rest of the link will go smoothly

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