8 things to pay attention to avoid hurry after office relocation!

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8 things to pay attention to avoid hurry after office relocation!

Office relocation requires a complete and proper movement of a large number of company documents📚, computer 3C supplies💻, office supplies💼, etc. Compared with the ordinary relocation process, the process is several times more complicated. After all, office relocation is a major event for a company. So what can we do to speed up the normal operation of the new office and let colleagues enter a good office situation? Today’s article is the key points for special attention after Move Move Mover has handled many office relocations. I hope you can plan the office relocation more easily and quickly after reading it!

14ft lorry of Move Mover Mover
14ft lorry of Move Mover Mover

Advance planning and notification

As the number of boxes of items to be moved in the office relocation is very large, once the estimated date of the office relocation is confirmed, it is best to start planning more than 2 to 4 weeks in advance. The items that can be prepared in advance are as follows:

1. Drafting the relocation list

The operation planning of office relocation is more complicated than that of ordinary family relocation. Therefore, it is best to formulate a suitable relocation operation list in advance according to the size of the office. Location map of office items, waste disposal, etc.

2. Renovation progress and confirmation of water and electricity

While drawing up the office relocation work list, it is necessary to pay attention to the schedule in accordance with the decoration progress of the new office and confirm the water, electricity, internet, and telephone 1-2 weeks before the relocation to ensure that the installation can be completed before the relocation as scheduled.

3. Notify the old and new building administrators

After determining the transportation schedule, it is best to notify the old and new building administrators 3 to 7 days in advance. Since the number of boxes and train trips for office relocation is usually large, it is necessary to pay attention to parking spaces, elevators/freight elevators, moving lines, etc. It is best to confirm with the administrator in advance to avoid time-consuming unforeseen conditions during transportation on the same day.

4. Clean up documents and waste early

Before relocation, it is recommended to spare at least 1 to 3 days to sort out documents that have not been used in the office for many years, and other sundries piled up in the storage space, and discard the items that are not needed in the new office early. In addition to reducing the number of boxes to be transported, it can also make the organization of the new office more simple and refreshing!
At the same time, it should be noted that the time for garbage removal and transportation in each office building is different from the norms. The unnecessary wastes are sorted out earlier, and there is more time to discard them according to regulations. If there are items that are not collected by garbage trucks, they can also The moving company makes an appointment for the removal of waste.

Packing preparation before moving

Office relocation is closely related to every employee in the company, so before relocation, we can do this:

1. Ask colleagues to pack early

The office staff is usually divided into internal work and fieldwork. Field staff spends less time in the office. It is recommended to remind all colleagues one week in advance to clean up the items in the personal office area before the relocation date and discard unnecessary documents or garbage as soon as possible. , The packing speed can be accelerated on the day of packing.

2. Empty office cabinets and drawers

Be careful when packing in the office. Whether it is a cabinet for storing documents or an office drawer for storing important items and small stationery, all cabinets and drawers must be emptied, except to prevent items from falling during transportation/packing, or inside In addition to damage caused by collision, it can also prevent the possibility that the moving or rolling of the contents of the drawer/cabinet may cause the center of gravity to be unstable and injured during the transportation.

3. Office packing essential items

Before packaging, you can ask the human resources unit or the responsible colleague to prepare the packaging tools, for example:

  • The packing list table, the name, and quantity of the items are specified in the table, and the box can be checked
  • Sufficient carton, bubble bag (packing 3C and fragile items), transparent tape, scissors, knife
  • Blank labels, pens, for each colleague to mark the name or number, and stick it on personal belongings
  • Garbage bags, brooms, and dustpans, rags
4. Number the box

When packing, each person can dispense an empty box, put personal items in the box, and ask colleagues to mark numbers or English letters on the outside of the carton according to the layout of the new office after the packing is completed and write the personal name at the same time. This can speed up the positioning during transportation. After the transportation is completed, colleagues can quickly find their boxes, organize personal belongings, and enter the office as soon as possible.

5. Packing computer supplies

When packing the computer host and screen, it is recommended that every colleague divide his computer into the host, screen, circuit, keyboard, and mouse, and make protective packaging separately, and attach name or number labels; the host and screen that are afraid of collision, be sure to, In addition, pack them in bubble bags by themselves, and place the same items in the same area. Pack the keyboard and mouse in the box, which can make the transportation of computer supplies more smooth.

6. Uniform placement of items

When packing and sorting, in addition to the above signs, the editor also recommends that the same types of items be placed in the same place, such as the computer host and the computer screen are placed in the same area. This will allow the mover to speed up the handling. Processing speed; at the same time, mark the location of the box number on the outside of the box and ask the moving company to place it according to the box number position after handling. After arriving in the new office, colleagues can also quickly find their own office items in the designated location by name!

Other matters needing attention

  1. If there are more expensive commercial projectors, video conferencing systems, and precision instruments that need to be relocated, it is recommended that they be completely disassembled before relocation, and carefully packaged together with the wiring. For detailed packaging methods, please refer to this article (packing, sealing and sealing) Technology) .
    Packing Service
    Packing Service
  2. The connection line of the computer or other 3C products is recommended to be kept by the individual. After the host and the screen are returned, they can be installed by themselves.
  3. If the original OA screen partitions need to be moved to the new office for use, it is recommended to reserve one more day for the staff to disassemble and assemble.
  4. Office supplies can be supplemented before and after the relocation so that colleagues can have complete stationery and office supplies to use after the relocation.
  5. One or two days before the relocation, you can find a convenient restaurant near the new office, so that colleagues will not have to worry about eating problems after the relocation.
  6. After the company’s relocation is completed, a housewarming banquet can be held to bring popularity to the company’s new site, and at the same time, it can also contact customers.
  7. If the office is relocated together with the factory, you can contact the moving company and ask the appraiser to go to the site to evaluate and discuss the details and price of the actual move. Move Move Mover provides various office relocation, factory relocation, crane lifting services, Free to estimate the price of the company, please feel free to call the hotline:Office: 69093840 / 83325196.

After reading the above precautions, do you have a clue about the relocation of the office? Since the relocation of the office involves a lot of people, things, and things, it requires the concerted efforts of the company’s colleagues and the assistance of a relocation company with rich experience in order to complete the relocation in the fastest and proper way.
The editor intimately suggests that all personnel responsible for the relocation of the office can make a complete plan before the relocation based on the company’s situation, and list a detailed relocation process chart to make the entire relocation process smoother and more complete.

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