House Moving Cost : 1 Step take you to understand the key points affect the quotation for your house moving!

24 8月 by Move Move Mover

House Moving Cost : 1 Step take you to understand the key points affect the quotation for your house moving!

Before moving, many people would like to know how the price of a moving company is calculated. In this way, they have at least a bottom line before choosing a moving company, so some questions are extended, such as the cost of moving an apartment or moving a family. What is the approximate price? Would it be cheaper to pack a box by yourself? There are pianos, antiques, aquariums, furniture that needs to be disassembled… etc. Will these affect the price? Today, the Move Move Mover will tell you once, how much does it cost to find a moving company and how much is the price and cost to be reasonable? So you can estimate the moving cost first!

Before looking for a high-quality moving company, we must first understand that the moving company has different pricing methods for different types of moving: the most common one is “professional moving”, which is the “exquisite moving” that everyone hears most often; the other one, It has become popular in Japan, and now some moving companies also provide the ultimate moving service: “Hands-free moving”, which is the highest quality moving service that starts from the old house to the new house, together with packing and finishing! The editor is here to help you sort out and analyze. Generally, it will affect several key points of these two moving quotations, as well as moving billing methods and cost quotations!


Moving billing method:

1. Priced by trip-

The most common billing method used by moving companies is “priced by trip”. This method is most suitable for moving houses or moving families. The transportation environment and content provide a quotation. The number of vehicles to be transported will be estimated by the moving company based on the number of furniture, home appliances, and article boxes that need to be transported. The final charge is calculated based on the actual number of transported vehicles on the day The gap will be to sort out the actual small objects that need to be transported and how many items are packed! For example, if Mr. GOH lives in a suite alone, he needs to move. The moving items include a single sofa, a small coffee table, a TV, a double mattress, a small storage cabinet, two small appliances, and personal belongings within 10 boxes. The assessment confirms that it can be a car The full load is completed. If the price of a car is $250 and the car is actually moved on the same day, the cost of Mr. Wu’s move to the suite this time will be $250.

2. Contracting services-

Another common billing method for moving companies is the package fee. This method is more suitable for large-scale relocation, factory relocation, office relocation, waste removal, and other content is more diversified and complicated. This kind of relocation quotation is based on professional valuation. After the teacher goes to the site to evaluate the content and details, provide a full package quotation based on the handling details.

Best House Mover in Singapore
Best House Mover in Singapore


Key points affecting moving billing:

1. Number of items to be moved-

As mentioned just now, the price is based on the vehicle, the professional moving company will ask the appraiser to conduct an on-site evaluation or learn online to confirm how many items are to be moved and how many vehicles are needed to complete the move, so as to estimate a more accurate number of vehicles. (The unit price of each vehicle may be affected by the following factors, and there are some differences!)

2. Moving floor, elevator, distance-

In addition to the loaded items, the moving company will also confirm whether there is an elevator at the moving place, floors/steps/slopes that need to be moved manually, whether it is a middle-level building, whether it is necessary to transfer to a second elevator, whether large furniture can be moved by elevator, or The current situation of the community atrium and the temporary parking distance of the transport vehicle, etc., estimate more detailed moving costs.

3. Special handling items-

When moving house valuation, whether there are special items that need to be moved is also very important, such as piano, large fish tank, glass display cabinet or artwork, antique art, top audio, special safe/vault, precision instrument, commercial refrigerator, large For solid wood or marble furniture, other overweight items above 100kg… etc., this part will also be subject to additional assessment costs depending on the type and specifications.

Moving of luxury marble table
Moving of luxury marble table
4. The narrow staircase requires a crane or manual lifting and unloading-

If the ladder is too narrow to be transported, the transport is extremely difficult and requires a crane or manual lifting and unloading, this part of the moving company will also quote according to the lifting and unloading method and difficulty.

5. Furniture disassembly and assembly

If there are specially customized system cabinets and more cumbersome DIY furniture that need to be disassembled and assembled, the moving company may charge wages based on the difficulty of disassembly and assembly of the items.

6. Moving at special times-

Moving companies usually work during the day. If you start to move at night or move in the middle of the night, because this part is a special time, the moving company usually charges a night bonus fee!

7. Waste removal and storage and storage-

If there is discarded furniture or garbage that cannot be cleaned up by yourself when you move, in order to save unnecessary trouble and time, you can also directly ask the moving company to remove it. In addition, if some items do not need to be moved to a new home, but there is no place to put them temporarily, you can also directly find a moving company that has storage and storage to handle the handling and storage problems at once. These two parts (waste and storage) can be evaluated in advance by the moving company!

Professional lorry movers Singapore
Professional lorry movers Singapore

Moving market and vehicle estimation:

The first to sixth items above are all factors that may affect the “unit price per vehicle” and the “actual number of trucks”. Based on the current market prices of legal and reputable moving companies, it may be based on the labor of the masters. It is possible to move a car with a lower elevator for $230, to a high-labor super-high floor with a manual car for about $380. If the environment and content of the transportation are more complicated, diverse, and the most accurate method, please trust to move. The company goes to the site for evaluation!
In addition, we would like to remind you that when signing a moving contract, you must pay attention to those parts that will affect the moving price, and whether there are detailed records in the contract to protect your rights. If on the day of the move, the actual number of items to be transported exceeds the originally expected quantity, and the agreed vehicle cannot be loaded, you can also choose whether to add a trip on the spot. 

Move Move Mover has had a good reputation for many years. There are senior appraisers on-site for a free assessment. Detailed relocation contracts are provided before moving to protect the rights and interests of both parties. At the same time, it provides waste removal, long-term and short-term storage, and storage services, so that you can feel complete throughout the moving process. The peace of mind, convenience, and peace of mind!

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