The Best Ways to Sell Your Stuff Before Moving

25 1月 by Move Move Mover

The Best Ways to Sell Your Stuff Before Moving

Planning to move? It’s time to ditch some of the dead weight as well. Don’t rush into your new house or office with useless stuff when you can make a good amount of money selling it. And the more belongings you have to move, the higher the cost will be and longer it will take.

So, what to do with this stuff? While many tech-savvy folks go online to sell their items, you can sell your extra stuff offline for cash or even donate to charity.   Ahead, we have rounded up the best offline and online ways to sell your items for making an easy move.

How to sell your stuff before moving?

Garage/Yard Sale

Beat all other methods by hosting a garage sale! Your trash can treasure of someone else.

To hold a garage sale, begin a planning process. Also, don’t forget to check the community rules to get permission for throwing the sale. Choose a weekend and do plenty of advertising to leverage the full potential of the sale. Flyers and signs will get you enough customers.

Other tips: flexible pricing, small bills on-hand for change, borrow tables from friends, and don’t get over-attached to your possessions.

Word of Mouth

Sell your stuff to friends, relatives or colleagues by spreading words of mouth. This way is most likely to get your furniture and appliances sold quickly for decent money.  Share product details with quality images in social groups like Facebook and WhatsApp, etc.


If you are looking to sell online, Craigslist can efficiently do it for you. This online marketplace makes a great avenue to sell used items. You will get local classified information specific to every area of the country.

On their website, you can post all salable items with the label “for sale by owner.” All you need to do is click on the “post to classified” caption to start with the process. Then mark the box that perfectly describes the category of product-to-be-sold. Make sure you include an understandable and precise headline with the price and high-quality photographs of the item.

Just be aware that this amazing website is the target of spammers as well. So, be careful!


 Are you targeting a bigger audience? Whether it’s an ensemble, jewelry, book, furniture, or electronic appliance, eBay offers an easy-to-use platform to sell second-hand stuff for cash.

With this online marketplace, you have two options. You can list all your items or sell on your own, or you can also utilize eBay Valet’s “Selling Experts” feature. These experts will take the pictures, list and ultimately, ship the ordered items to the customers.

However, if you choose to sell through eBay Valet, be aware that the selling expert will take a percentage of the item’s final selling price.


You can also hawk your stuff on another popular social media site, Facebook. People spend huge time on this site, thus making it a great place for marketing and selling merchandise.

Using Facebook, you can automatically advertise your items to anyone in your town. Moreover, you can list your salable items on any of the websites “Buy and Sell Groups” for getting them sold faster.

Members of these individual groups subscribe for updates taking place within the group. You’ll find tabs for these groups on the left-hand corner of Facebook’s home page.

Consignment Store

If your stock features high-end clothing, accessories, home décor, purses, and furniture, a consignment store makes the easiest way to sell your stuff. The biggest advantage of consigning is that you don’t have to bother about listing your items or meeting with buyers.

The intermediate consigner will do this heavy-lifting job for you. The only downside is that most consignors take a hefty percentage of the selling price of each item. However, if you’re consigning up lots of items, the cash will add up quickly.


People also sell their surplus goods on Amazon is an online platform much like eBay but is comparatively less expensive than the latter. You can list your items on the site at a lower price.

Each item will be sold with a small amount of commission granted to the website for sale. Books, video games, and DVDs are the best-selling items on Amazon.

Trade-in Programs

Do you have excessive electronics for your new place? Or, do you want to outfit the existing one with a newer version? One fantastic way to treat your old electronics is to leverage various trade-in programs.

These programs are offered by chain stores like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Amazon, etc. With these options, you can either get store credit or cash in exchange for your items. Common belongings applicable for trade-in programs include mobile phones, tablets, electronic accessories, books, and video games.

Free Apps

All you need is to download any of these applications on your phone. Then post pictures of the item to be sold on the app, describe its condition and share the price. Once the item is listed, you can chat with the potential or interested buyer on the app. Some applications, like OfferUp, allow users to rate buyers and sellers, so you know about the person you are dealing with before involving in chat. You can download these apps from iPhone or Android App stores.


With this option, you can kill two birds with one stone. By offering useless stuff to needy people, you will be doing noble deeds and also get rid of the stuff that’s no more useful for you.

Among them, all, selling stuff online is considered to be the safest and most convenient method to reduce the total number of items. It makes great cost-effective options for an affordable house or office move.

See, how many options you have! Once you’ve successfully sold unnecessary items, it will make the total moving load lighter and your wallet heavier. It means you don’t need to feel pain for moving non-required items.

If you’re struggling to find the best way to sell your stuff before relocation, seek suggestions from a reputed mover in Singapore.