10 Things To Consider When Moving During Summer

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10 Things To Consider When Moving During Summer


10 Things To Consider When Moving During Summer In Singapore

Summers feel great! But when it comes to making a move, it seems to be the ugliest and hectic season. If we consider cruel hot winds, sweaty temperatures, and unbearable heat of the sun, none is that sane to relocate during extreme summer. But let’s be practical – sometimes it’s not an option, it’s essential.

If you don’t have any option to procrastinate a move, don’t worry. The good news is that these horrible moving conditions have some perks in your favor. Since most of the families choose to move during summer, you will get the deal fixed at a good price during this time of the year. Moving during summer saves money as movers are readily available for any relocation needs. Also, you’d be enjoying flexible schedules, more personalized attention, and lower service rates.

However, there are a few important things that you should know while relocating to a new place during the summertime.

Start preparations in advanced

Planning always leads to success, even with making a comfortable move. Days get darker very later in summers. So you get enough time to make an easy move-in daylight. To take the most advantage of daylight, plan everything at your earliest.

Start packing early in the morning so that you can save enough time to make a move before it gets too dark outside. It will allow you to stay safe since you won’t have to be concerned about taking loads outside when it’s too dark. Also, sell the stuff before moving that you no longer need.

Avoid Melting Moments

No, we’re not talking about biscuits! Every move involves items that could melt in the box due to heatwaves outside.

Otherwise, these items will melt onto other belongings and damage them permanently. Likewise, chocolates and hard candies can make their way to hide in kids’ clothes and other possessions, and damage them after melting. Also, if you shrink-wrap your clothing, or move with vinyl records and CDs, these items can lead to disaster.

There are many types of equipment that should not be stored in the sun. Make sure you check these items and prefer the user manual for their transportation tips.

So, before packing these items, like candles, chocolates, etc., make sure you label them with a note that these boxes contain objects with the risk of melting. Try to keep them as cool as possible.

Make it Fun

If you are moving during summer, there’s a chance that you will face 95 percent humidity outside. But don’t let the rising mercury get your spirit low and the excitement of moving to a new place.

Involve your kids to help you with small things like packing their toy baskets, stationary, folding clothes, etc. Load a cooler full of ice and some food for your kids, pets, and movers. Everyone will love it!

Load your summer supplies in the car

Make sure you keep all essential summer supplies in your vehicle. These supplies mainly water bottles, GPS, etc. Make sure you don’t pack them in boxes.

Store them in a place in your car so that they are readily available whenever required.

Watch the weather conditions

During the weeks and days of your move, keep an eye on weather forecasting reports on television or the internet. It’s important to be aware of upcoming storms that you might have to be thoughtful about.

Accordingly, draw your flexible plans if there is any unfavorable weather condition on your way. Otherwise, it could be dangerous to plan a move during poor weather conditions.

Keep Things Green

When moving with plants, you have to be extra careful. To retain their greenery and health, it’s important to give them a good drink and unpack as soon as you arrive at the destination. Also, don’t forget to check plants for pests and parasites.

Pack indoor plants a night before the moving day inboxes. On a moving day, pack roots and soil in plastic bags and store them in a pot or box. Support the plants using garden stakes, so that plants don’t break during transit.

Carry cold beverages always

While on the move, don’t forget to carry cold beverages. It’s because your family or crew members may crave something chilled and nice while packing, loading, moving, or unpacking.

So, pack your cold tea maker and supplies so that you can quickly make them tea or use shakers to keep your hands on chilling beverages. Advisably, use disposable cups if you’ve already packed all mugs away.

Hire a professional mover

The professional and licensed home movers Singapore has always have a smart plan to deal with ugly summer conditions. Never consider making a move yourself, especially during a sweltering heatwave and a sizzler. It’s always recommended to hire a professional moving company who can easily tackle all challenges to make it an enjoyable relocation process.

A professional mover is equipped with licensed drivers who can drive vehicles even in extreme weather conditions while keeping your packed possessions safe.

Take precautions in the house

Most of us pay attention to things around the old house only and forget similar conditions around the new house while making a move. So be careful and don’t hesitate to invest in preparing your destination home for a hassle-free move.

To manage extra cardboard boxes that are not required, bust them open and lay flat on the floor. It will help to keep any mess on the floor under control and provide traction for you, your family members, pets, and the moving crew.

Safeguard your possessions 

You have to be extra careful with your possessions. It is because external elements can cause damage to your valuable belongings. Any water can cover the packed boxes and get inside them, which will cause items to be soaking wet. Extreme temperature can cause unimaginable damage.

For instance, your fragile crockery and glass items can break when exposed to extremely hot weather. You certainly don’t want to arrive at your new home with broken or damaged items.

The thought of making a move during summer can be miserable. But if you need to relocate now without any alternative, use these tips to assure a smooth move. In a brief period, you’ll be able to snuggle up in a relaxing and cozy atmosphere inside your new home.


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