Teach you how to choose an excellent moving company

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Teach you how to choose an excellent moving company

Friends who live in Singapore will face the problem of moving if they choose to rent a house or enter a new home. After a long period of time searching for a new house, or waiting for the delivery of the new house, during the entire moving process, everyone may think of packing luggage first, but leave the search for a moving company to the last step.

Best House Mover in Singapore
Best House Mover in Singapore

The irony is that these people who help you move are entrusted with a heavy responsibility because they have the “power of life and death” of all your household assets. If one is not careful, your property may be damaged, ranging from a dozen to two. Ten yuan worth of items is tens of thousands of TV sets or refrigerators. Therefore, we must know how to choose these people who help us move.

1. Don’t drag it to the last moment

Today, procrastination has been elevated to one of the world-class terminal illnesses. Many things have been delayed because of procrastination, and the painful price has been paid. For example, the year before the Spring Festival, I went home and booked a plane ticket. If I booked it in September, it would cost more than 6,000. I would not buy it. When it came to October, it would become too much money and I would not buy it. In November, I would not buy it. After a solution, the price has become more than nine thousand. Now I think about it, my heart is still bleeding.

In the same way, if we start looking for a moving company in a hurry at the end, we may not have enough time to conduct investigations and evaluations. Therefore, the price quoted by the mover must not be the cheapest. Australia, the cost of moving a house is not a joke!

Industry insiders suggest that before we make the final decision, it is best to find 3-4 moving companies, and we must come to the house to make a written valuation, and it must be in writing! In this case, we will also have a certificate that can be used as a reference to prevent the price from sitting on the ground.

And if we look for it at the last minute, it will not only make us passive, but also have fewer options, and it is very likely that some undocumented people will take advantage of our anxious heart and take advantage of the loopholes.

2. Don’t be greedy for cheap

What we usually think of is of course that the less money you give, the more you get, the best. Wake up, there is no such good thing in the world. Similarly, when choosing a moving company, you must not choose those with super cheap quotations. A super cheap offer means that the company is likely to use lazy and inexperienced workers to operate. In this way, the possibility of damage to the goods will also greatly increase.

Those companies that charge higher fees can at least ensure that their porters are graduated from Lanxiang, with excellent skills and high professionalism, and can ensure that the entire handling process is efficient and safe, especially when they encounter emergencies. Feel free to provide solutions in a timely manner.

Those less professional companies will attract people with low quotations, and then propose various hidden costs to make customers dumb eat coptis. There has been the most extreme case, saying that the company seized all the luggage of the guests. , Used to demand a large ransom.

Professional lorry mover
Professional lorry mover

3. Discern whether the company is good or bad, and you must ask the right questions

A highly professional and well-serviced removal company will definitely be very happy to answer any of our questions, so if we encounter a company that is hesitating when asked, or even can’t answer it, we should not choose it.

Asking clearly about the entire moving process, when and what to do, from the beginning to the end, a clear understanding will save us a lot of unnecessary trouble.

I think I must remember to ask the following questions:

a.Are you licensed and insured?

b.What price are you willing to put in writing as a “not to exceed” threshold?)

c.What are the dates and times you can commit to for pick-up and delivery?

d.Can you give me some references for people you have recently moved to?

e.How are your crews selected?

f.How do you ensure that the people who come into my home are skilled, professional, and safe?

4. Matters needing attention

There are a wealth of resources on the Internet for people to consult, but those uncertified and wrong information are also very likely to mislead us.

Here are some things to note when looking for a moving company

a. Beware of those companies that “extra-low quotations” but have not been operating for a long time

b. Pay attention to companies that do not have real addresses

c. Don’t choose companies that are unwilling to provide written quotations on site

d. If the truck they use for carrying is like a private car, then be careful

e. Those who answer the questions are ambiguous, especially for companies that do not talk about damage and compensation, do not choose

f. If the moving distance is long, the moving company requires a certain deposit, which is normal, but please make sure that the deposit is about 20% of the total amount

Last thing! If you have any house moving issues in Singapore. Pls come to Move Move Mover directly! You will not have any trouble anymore.

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Move Move Mover

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