Moving Soon? Pack Like A Boss!

16 1月 by rentiancheng

Moving Soon? Pack Like A Boss!

We all know the importance of packing and how it can make a huge difference in our whole moving ordeal. But the question remains: How do you actually pack properly? Is there a perfect formula in packing things that you won’t forget or break any of your stuff?

Well, a perfect formula is not what you need but a list of the do’s and don’ts. We know how stressful the moving process is from the moment you decide to move up to the time you transfer to your new property. You find so many reasons to be anxious that you tend to forget a lot of things. That’s why we’re giving you this list of do’s and dont’s that will surely help you out.

Sort things out

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We cannot overemphasize this. Sorting things out means having categories in your mind days before the actual packing. In making categories, consider which room your stuff will go in your new house. It’s better to put together the items that will go to your bedroom, living room, etc. This way, unpacking and assembling will be easier.

Know which ones are fragile and which ones you will need to unpack first when you’ve finally transferred to the new place. Which ones are clothing and which ones are fabrics? If you know these things, it will be very easy to pack your belongings.

Be OC with packing supplies

Yes! This is true. You have to actually buy the packing supplies you’ll need. Be obsessive-compulsive and overestimate in this area. Packing tapes and boxes are the necessaries, but you also need handyman tools such as screwdrivers and pliers for assembling and disassembling as well as electrical tapes for cables and electronic devices.

Choose the strongest packing tapes if you don’t want any damages to your fragile items. Use labels that will not be erased or removed while you are on the way to the new place. Otherwise, all your OC-ness in labeling the boxes will just go to waste.

If you ask the experienced movers Singapore has, they would give you the same advice because they carry these tools with them every time they perform a moving job.

Be resourceful in getting moving boxes 

Instead of buying new boxes (which are not very cheap), be resourceful and ask for old but usable ones from the grocery stores or beverage and liquor shops near you. Maybe you can offer to pay a little. Even when you do this, you can still save a lot compared to buying brand new boxes.

Don’t pack heavy things together in one box

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For the fathers out there, never ever pack all your heavy tools in one storage box. For booklovers, even if it feels so right to see your precious collection in one box, spare your backs and don’t put them all together. Scatter these heavy items and label the boxes properly so you won’t have any problem later.

Pack months before the move

Did you see “months before”? That’s true and we mean it! One month is never enough to sort things out and to pack them properly. One reason why people forget many things or experience a disastrous unpacking scenario the moment they reach their new home is because they think weeks to a month is long enough.

Mind you, from the moment you decide to move, you will never run out of things to attend to each day. And you will always add an item or two to your packing list each waking day of your life until the actual day of the move. The best advice we can give is to pack early.

Be specific with your labels

Number your boxes

Whether you will hire reliable and trustworthy movers for your relocation or you’ll tap the help of your friends and family, better number all your moving boxes to keep track of them and to avoid any losses.

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Specify the items inside

It all boils down to the labeling, folks. If you know where your items are, then it will be easy to find out if there are lost or broken stuff or if you left something in your old apartment. Although specifying them in labels sounds a bit taxing, it’s better to be detail-oriented so it will be easier to locate them when it’s time to unpack and arrange in your new house.


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