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A few things are simply more difficult than others when it comes to moving. While it is undeniably true that heavier items are harder to move, the facts also take into account awkward objects that can be difficult to maneuver through doors, tight hallways, stairways, and elevators. The following are some examples of objects that are considerably more difficult to transport:

1. Household Appliances

The answer is obvious. It doesn’t matter if it’s something as basic as a refrigerator or as complex as a dishwasher, the fact is that there are numerous appliances that make moving a little more challenging than it otherwise would be. You should handle these sorts of things carefully – both for your safety and the safety of the object you are handling. If you are moving an appliance, ensure your house is not damaged when you disconnect the appliance properly and ensure you have the right people with you. The sight of your oven sliding across the floor only to leave large gashes in its trail is just as heartbreaking as sliding it across the floor and finding it has left a trail of destruction.

2. Vintage and antique furniture

The discussion of moving old and potentially brittle items should not be taken lightly when it comes to moving modern household items. Be sure that you are comfortable with the packing and moving state of these important pieces of your household. Test it out if possible. A move can be easier, regardless of whether you’re moving grandfather clocks or pianos.

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3. Instruments and Heirlooms

There is no doubt that instruments deserve their own category beyond simply the vintage and the antique. It will be important to handle these items carefully and with care when moving them. By doing this, they are protected from being crushed by heavy items or from being damaged in any other way that renders them inoperable. If you have not implemented these practices, review those that have worked in the past. To make sure everything gets into your new house without complications, you need to be diligent, patient, and plan ahead.

4. Workout and sports equipment.

If weights or workout equipment are not packed correctly, they can end up rolling away from where they’ve been placed, similar to how instruments roll away from where they’re placed. Also, depending on the brand and the size, large-scale workout equipment can be complicated. Relying on a moving company is recommended since they will have the tools to make the process as easy as possible and the knowledge to handle the move safely.

fitness equipment mover
fitness equipment mover

5. Items that are alive such as plants and pets

No matter the type of plants that have become a part of your home as much as the furniture, or that bamboo sprout that you have taken care of over the past month, it is important to keep your thoughts collected on how to move all of these. What about the items you are moving? Are they separated from the rest? Have they been packed in temporary boxes? Given how long the move may last, do you have an animal transport cage that will work? Keep these questions in mind.

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