Last-minute Relocation

16 2月 by Move Move Mover

Last-minute Relocation

Let’s face it: any and all moves can be extremely difficult. When you’re planning a household move, you want every second available to plan. However, there are times in life when you must act quickly.

How to Move in a Short Period of Time

When you have a short time frame to move, the first question is, “Do I hire a mover or DIY my move?” If you choose to do it yourself, you will need to coordinate packing supplies, people to assist you, and vehicles to transport your belongings… and fit all of the moving activities into your already crammed schedule; if that’s possible, great. After that, you can begin planning and packing.

Packing Service
Packing Service

Assume, however, that you are working a demanding full-time job and have no available time off to relocate right now. If you are experiencing additional stress and anxiety about completing your move, hiring a moving company is your best option. As soon as you know when you need to leave, contact a moving company. A local move can be coordinated and completed overnight by Move Move Movers. Depending on location, our express trips and direct delivery to frequent locations will have your belongings delivered in 3-9 days for a quick long-distance move. So, even if you don’t have a specific plan for the next home you’re moving to, the first step is to set your move date.

Priorities to consider when making a last-minute move

Quick decluttering

You can concentrate on packing now that the mover has been scheduled. If you intend to have your mover pack for you, it is your responsibility to declutter and clean as much as possible. The first rule of thumb is to get rid of anything you don’t need or haven’t used in the last year. On such a tight schedule, you won’t have time to go through all of your stored items. Don’t waffle if you can’t decide whether to get rid of it or give it away. Simply pack it and sort it once you’ve arrived at your new location.


Begin by putting together a “go-bag” of essentials to keep with you on moving day. Pack a few changes of clothes and toiletries for a few days, as well as any medications or other daily necessities. With this bag packed, you’ll be able to hop in the car and drive across town or to another state at any time. Everything else should be left to the movers to pack and transport.

Pack according to room

When packing for a last-minute move, the best pro tip is to pack by room. Keep the same items in the same room together. Pack non-breakable items underneath breakable items; wrap any breakables in towels, socks, or t-shirts. Larger boxes should be used for lightweight items such as clothing, shoes, linens, and pillows. Then, for books and heavier items, use smaller boxes. You won’t end up with overweight, overpacked boxes that are difficult to lift and move this way.

Seek assistance.

Even if your move is short and local, having friends or family on hand to help you pack is a welcome bonus. Any additional help during your move can reduce stress and make the job much easier.

Being organized is your superpower, whether you’re faced with a sudden move or have more time to plan. So, if you’re planning a move, contact Move Move Movers today to set a date, order moving supplies, and get your plans in motion.