How to pack TV sets for residential moving?

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How to pack TV sets for residential moving?

The packaging and protection of items is an important part of the test of whether the business of residential moving can be completed perfectly. After the small furniture is packed, it is not afraid of collision during the transportation process, and the packaging difficulty is low. However, it is difficult for moving customers to pack expensive large appliances such as TV sets. Of course, this is the safest way for a moving company to pack. However, moving companies use a large number of packaging materials for packaging and protection, which will inevitably increase the cost of moving. Now, when you move, you can discuss with the group how customers who move are packing their TV sets.

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Move Move Mover

One. How to keep the original TV box 
How to pack the moving TV? What we need to know is that we should try to avoid watching TV the day before packing the TV in our own home, so as not to bring some harm to the TV. Then we started moving the TV. We need to find the original box of the TV in advance. If not, we can find a box of the same size to hold the TV. Hello, moving here to remind you warmly, we will try our best to preserve the original packaging box no matter which household appliance is in your house in the future.

Two. After the packing process pad sponge
Finds a suitable packing box, it is the packing box of the TV. Be sure to light up the TV. Put some sponge-like foam soft filling materials in the packing box so as to make it fit inside the box. The camera will not move, so as to better guarantee the use of the TV. The safety of the machine, especially the packaging of the moving TV, which is the most concerning part of the LCD screen, needs our protection.

Three. The data cable and other accessories are packaged separately
Which is a problem that many people often ignore when moving the TV. Many people directly throw the data cable, power supply, etc. into the box of the TV after packaging the TV, which will have a certain impact on the use of the TV in the future. So when we pack, we should put the data cable in a special bag, and then seal the bag with tape.

Four. Be careful in the handling process.
Since the TV is a relatively expensive item, be very careful when shipping it after packaging. First of all, when on both sides of the stairs, try to move the TV down in a straight line, and then after the vehicle is installed, the TV and other items should be shipped separately to reduce the loss rate.

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