How To Deal With Fragile Equipment In Office

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How To Deal With Fragile Equipment In Office

An entrepreneur’s goal is to deliver a product or render a service that will improve a person’s life. It can be something as simple as selling a cold drink on a hot day or preparing a report on how to lessen the effects of climate change. Whatever field you’re in, having a place dedicated to your work will be of great help. It’s in this office where you and your team will work hard to reach a common goal in the days to come.

Commercial Moving services
Commercial Moving services

As you strive hard to expand your business, so does your office when the time comes. When this happens, you might need to find a new location that’s suitable for your pursuits. Of course, relocating to a new place of business can’t be done with a snap of the finger. You need to plan carefully so your day-to-day operations won’t be affected. In this way, you’ll be maximizing the time you have and the effort of your employees.

But before you go ahead with your office relocation, it’s important to be aware how fragile your equipment and belongings when they are moved. That’s why it’s very crucial to hire professional moving services that can handle these things with utmost care. Otherwise, the time and money you have invested in these objects will go to waste. As such, here are some simple tips in handling these items to get the most out of them.


Professional lorry movers Singapore
Professional lorry movers Singapore

Take a look at any office setting and you’ll probably see one or several computer workstations. These modern machines are quite handy and efficient in accomplishing a wide variety of tasks. Whether it’s creating a document, solving complex calculations, or storing important files, a computer will always have a vital place in any business because of its usefulness. That’s why extra care should be afforded to it when relocating to a new location. If you, your employees, or the movers you hire are careless in handling a computer, every piece of data in its storage drive will be gone in an instant.

One of the best ways to pack a computer is to dismantle its components instead of moving them as one piece. Once you’re done dismantling its parts, like the monitor and keyboard, you can proceed to packing them using bubble wrap. Place them in boxes afterward and seal with tape to secure these parts. These packaging materials will absorb shock and ensure your computers will arrive to your new office in one piece.


Just like computers, a server is important to the operations of an expanding business. It works by linking two or more computers together and providing a shared storage unit for their files. And just like the conventional computer, transporting a server can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The first person you should ask for help is your office’s IT expert. This professional will have a good idea on how to move this machine to a new location. At the same time, your movers should also work with this IT professional to ensure nothing happens to the server. It’s best to dedicate a good amount of packing materials to lessen the amount of shock your server is going to encounter.

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Another common appliance inside an office is the copier. It works by reproducing a paper document that can be used for a variety of reasons. Modern copiers can also be linked directly to a computer to print or scan a document. In order for a copier to accomplish this goal, it uses sensitive machinery within its design. If this machine is transported roughly, you can expect its performance to diminish. It’s better pack it carefully inside its box and label it as a fragile package. In doing so, your movers will be notified of its nature and transport your copier in the safest manner possible.


In some offices, one or several televisions are used, especially in broadcast stations. There are workplaces that utilize this appliance as a form of entertainment for their employees. Nowadays, flat-screen televisions are preferred due to their space-saving design. Transporting them can cause irreparable damage if the people carrying your televisions aren’t experienced or trained enough.

Glass Furniture

There are some offices that use glass furniture as part of their business. The most common of these are tables made of glass. Since they are made of a fragile material, it only makes sense to pack them with utmost care. Again, a generous amount of bubble wrap and packing tape will do wonders with your office’s glass furniture. Don’t forget to label these objects too so your movers won’t have any reason to treat these furniture pieces carelessly.

Important Documents

Look into any typical office and you’ll find a stack of documents inside a filing cabinet. These paper files are crucial for those keeping records of the office’s accomplishments, expenses, and other bits of information. Of course, it isn’t wise to keep your documents in flimsy brown envelopes or other unsafe containers. They should be kept, as mentioned earlier, in filing cabinets or anything with a secure lock.

You can obtain plastic boxes because they are cheap and easy to handle. Furthermore, it’s also crucial to keep a lookout for termites when you’re relocating to a new office. These pests can destroy your paper files and all of your hard work will amount to nothing.

Kitchen Appliances

Several businesses use all kinds of kitchen appliances as part of their office setup. This is a wise move for employees who no longer need to go out and buy food. Some of the common examples are refrigerators, microwave ovens, and water dispensers. As such, all of these appliances are sensitive to bumps and shock. It’s important to keep their original boxes so you won’t need to find a new one that matches their size.

Again, pack them using a generous amount of bubble wrap and tape so lessen the amount of shock these appliances are going to encounter. It also helps to ask your movers to use dollies to safely transport these heavy appliances in and out of a moving truck.


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