Preparing for Your Move: Avoid These Common Packing Errors

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Preparing for Your Move: Avoid These Common Packing Errors

Many of us find packing to be a chore. Others view it as a type of art. Everything you do, from what you pack to how you pack to how much time you give yourself to pack, matters in the grand scheme of things.

Although it is a significant process, it need not be onerous. You may be sure to pack efficiently and guarantee that your belongings reach in your new home unharmed by avoiding a few common packing blunders.

Not preparing

Yes, packing appears to be just filling boxes with contents and taping them shut. Naturally, it’s much more than that (otherwise, this post would be quite brief!).

To guarantee that you adopt a systematic and strategic approach, planning is essential. Planning entails coming up with a game plan for your packing approach. Before you begin, make a list of everything you need to buy or get rid of. Additionally, make a list of what has to be packed first and what can wait until closer to moving day.


Procrastination, ahh. You’re not alone if you tend to put things off until the last minute. Many people put off packing as long as they can by skipping the necessary tasks. You probably have reasons for doing anything other than pack, whether they be overpowering, unpleasant, or just plain boring.

You’ll be more sloppy in your packing efforts the less time you have. It’s better to start too early than too late; your planning step list will be helpful in this situation.

Start by packing any seasonal clothing or athletic equipment that you won’t need between now and moving day. There is a typical time estimate for how long it will take you to pack up your entire residence. For a one-bedroom apartment, we normally project 2-3 days, a two-bedroom house, 3-4 days, and a three-bedroom house, 5-6 days. Include that in your moving calendar since the estimate is for full days.

Movers Singapore
Movers Singapore

Lack of Materials

This is all too familiar to anyone who has started packing and gotten into a groove only to run out of boxes or bubble wrap. Not having adequate goods before you start moving is a very typical issue.

You may find yourself off your game if you don’t have adequate resources. Before you realize it, the momentum is gone since you’ll have to go to the store to acquire more supplies. Don’t worry; we can assist you.

Take a look at our guide on choosing the best boxes and packing supplies first. then choose what you require. Make a list and an inventory of your home. In order to help you prepare ahead of time, we’ve also put together a guide for calculating how many boxes you’ll need.

Avoiding the reduction in staff

Of course, don’t simply pack your belongings. It’s likely that during the time you’ve spent at your current location, you’ve accumulated more than you require. Moving is the ideal opportunity to purge the clutter and begin again.

Avoid skipping the downsizing phase to avoid having to pack (and unpack) items you haven’t seen or even thought about in a while. Additionally, you’ll need to locate a location for those items in your new house. Why bother taking up room with unnecessary things?

Spend some time getting rid of, recycling, selling, and donating the stuff you no longer desire or need. Kitchenware, books, shoes, and clothing are typical items that accumulate dust. Don’t let your mind cloud your judgment; instead, be objective. You most likely don’t need something if you haven’t used it in a while. Everyone will be happier if you let your unwanted belongings find a new home.

Singapore best mover company
Singapore best mover company

Not Thinking About the Trip

This isn’t one of those inspirational passages that says, “Life is about the journey, not the goal.” Don’t forget about the journey your boxes will take, is what we mean more specifically.

It’s fine to pack boxes according to how items fit, but what about mobility on moving day? Pack your books and other heavy objects in smaller boxes because you (or your movers) will first need to be able to lift the boxes.

Remember that your boxes are always at their safest while they are awaiting a relocation in your home. On moving day, however, they will be lifted, moved, stacked, and jostled as you travel to your new location. To prevent any hiccups, pack your fragile things carefully and precisely identify your cartons.

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