What are the precautions for handling fragile items in a moving service?

11 6月 by Move Move Mover

What are the precautions for handling fragile items in a moving service?

When moving, we often face many problems. What people worry about the most are fragile items. Most fragile items are relatively expensive. In the process of moving, the damage rate of such items is actually very high, especially in the case of improper operation. So what issues should be paid attention to during the transportation of fragile items? Don’t worry, then look down!

Reliable lorry team
Reliable lorry team

1. What items are fragile?

Glass and ceramic products: full-length mirrors, vases, dishes, wine bottles, etc.

Electronic products: computers, cameras, LCD TVs, etc.

Precise valuables: valuable musical instruments such as pianos and zithers, jade ornaments such as antiques, marble products, fish tanks, etc., need to be packed and transported by professional technicians.

2. How to pack fragile items?

Commonly used cushioning packaging materials: pearl film, bubble film, stretch film, blanket, kraft paper, wooden frame, etc.

Packing of glass and ceramic products:

Step 1: Put the dishes on one end of the bubble wrap, and wrap the dishes layer by layer in the order of one layer of bubble wrap and one layer of dishes (if there is no bubble wrap at home, use kraft paper or newspaper). Too many piles make it easy to collapse, and it is not suitable to be transported under heavier conditions, which increases the risk of damage.

Step 2: After the dishes are wrapped, wrap them with stretch film for 2-3 layers to reinforce them.

Step 3: Put the wrapped dishes in the carton in a uniform orientation, use pearl film or bubble film to cushion the bottom, and make cushions between the gaps to prevent damage due to collisions during transportation.
Packing of valuables: Take LCD TV as an example

First, wrap the TV with bubble film 360 degrees, pay attention to the package tightly, so that the packaging can play a very good shock absorption effect.

Step 2: Use stretch film to pack the second layer of material for the TV, the purpose is to fix the first layer.

The third step: The outermost layer is covered with a blanket, which acts as a buffer to prevent the TV from colliding with the car and other items on the car and causing damage.

Step 4: Attach label paper to the side of the LCD panel to prevent damage caused by improper placement because the technician cannot see the front and back.
Third, the precautions for the handling of fragile items?

Pay attention to weather factors: Marble products and pianos will be affected by temperature. Therefore, some protection should be carried out according to the weather and temperature on the day of transportation. For example, marble should be warm and cold-proof to prevent it from exploding due to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. The piano should be protected from moisture, sun, and dust during transportation.

Grand piano mover
Grand piano mover

Stable driving: During transportation, the driver must maintain good concentration and drive smoothly.

Handle with care: the packing and stacking are in the shape of “product”, staggered up and down. When loading and unloading, handle with care. Large and fragile items need to be handled by multiple people in cooperation.

Regarding the transportation of fragile items, the director of the move will stop here, hoping to help everyone.

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