6 Items You Should Not Pack When Moving

9 2月 by rentiancheng

6 Items You Should Not Pack When Moving

Moving into a new house is one of the most important moments of your life. This signifies a degree of success bought upon by your hard work and determination. A new place is also the start of so many wonderful possibilities for you and your loved ones. But before all of those things happen, you will need the help of professional home movers in SingaporeThese contractors know everything when it comes to your moving needs.

Of course, there are ways to make the whole process a lot smoother. You can sort out all your belongings before they are packed. There are some items too that don’t need to be fitted inside a box. Here are several things that you should not pack when moving to a new house.

Any kind of food

In order to keep food from rotting, they need to be placed inside a refrigerator. Otherwise, they will go bad and smell worse. That’s why you don’t need to pack food inside a box when you need to move to a new place. Even if they are packaged in plastic, there’s still a chance for them to be wasted. Plus, various pests might find food in your moving boxes and escalate the problem. But if you have a lot of canned goods, you can place them in a box and not worry about them.


For medicines to work, they need to be stored in the correct temperature. The chemicals inside of these pills and syrups will start to lose their effectiveness if they are kept long inside a box. If you are not mindful, they can even be poisonous when you try to ingest them. It’s better to get a dedicated medicine kit to place these items and maintain their integrity.

Flammable products

What do cans of paint, alcohol, liquor, car oil, and gasoline all have in common? Well, they are all flammable. As such, these items are best left in your old home rather than being packed and placed inside a moving truck. Even the slightest amount of shock or heat can start a fire. When this happens, all your other belongings and the lives of your moving contractors will be placed in danger.

Firearms and ammunition

Just like flammable products, packing firearms and ammunition inside a box isn’t a wise thing to do. These items are very sensitive to any kind of bumps and warm temperatures. Since a moving truck is always in motion, these firearms and ammunition can go off without any warning. Again, packing these specific items can be a cause of injury or a loss of life.

Plants and flowers

Plants and flowers don’t do well without sunlight. As a result, they will wither and die quickly if you place them inside a box. It would be better if you asked the assistance of your moving contractors to safely pack your beloved plants and flowers for their new home. Otherwise, the plants and flowers you have taken care of will be no more.

Items with priceless value

There are certain items in your house that have more value than what you imagined. These items include antiques, paintings, sculptures, and other vintage products, among others. Packing them using a conventional box will most likely ruin them. It would be better to make a custom box for these valuable items to preserve them better.


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